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Transformational Coach Training


We are dedicated to developing the profession of coaching in Asia and beyond. Our suite of flexible, professional and high touch coach development solutions are designed to meet the needs of coaches at every level of development. Our entire coach training pathway has been approved by the ICF as an ACTP Program (130 hours). Each individual program has also been approved by the International Coach Federation and qualifies for either ACSTH or CCE’s.


Learning the skills of a coach is only one part of the process of becoming a coach. We believe that coaching is more about “being than doing” and that the key transformations occur deep within the coaches “way of being.” Being with themselves, with clients and with the coaching conversation.


We take certifying coaches seriously and seek to meet and exceed the standards set by the International Coach Federation and other leading edge coaching bodies.  We ensure all of our coaches receive required mentor coaching, observed coaching practice and assessments.

Grounded and well rounded

Well rounded coach training of exceptional quality and balance. Grounded in the latest research and science in areas of mindfulness, neuroscience and emerging coaching theory. Built upon a solid foundation of meaningful international experience in coaching, in leadership and in the development of people.

Coach centric, we care

We are deeply passionate about your coach development. This shows up in our commitment to your coach development journey and our vision to see regional coaches taking their place in the global coaching world.

Flexible, accessible

Schedules always seem to change. Our personal and working lives are emergent and dynamic. We designed this program for maximum flexibility, if you are committed to being a coach, we will get you there.

Lead Instructors

Director of Training – Tony Dickel

Academy Director – Craig Mckenzie

Partner – Michelle Chan 

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Programs are delivered in person in Hong Kong, China and London



2017 Professional Coach Training

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Coaching and Developing Others

An Essential Management Skill 

If you think what you are doing is coaching and you have not been trained to coach then what you are doing is probably not coaching.  In fact, most internal 1 and 2 day coach training programs are designed to help managers and leaders to learn and hopefully use the "skills of coach" and not to coach people for development.  A coaching "style" or approach to managing people is effective and useful when applied to the right people in the right situation.  However, it is not developmental coaching. And if that’s the case, you won’t get the results that coaching promises. If you want results then the skills, tools and mindset of a coach must be present. The best coach training will include mentor coaching, competency development, assessment, supportive learning and capability building.   It’s harder than you imagine to make the paradigm shifts required to apply coaching skills effectively as a leader or a manager. Here are a few of the key paradigm shifts that we support coaches to make:
  • From telling to asking
  • From solving problems to co-creating solutions
  • From horizontal to vertical development
  • From expert to enabler
  • From taking ownership to giv

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Coach training that leads to transformations

Transformational Coach Training Through our coach training and development programs, we de