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How Mindfulness Can Benefit Your Coaching Practice

  How Mindfulness Can Benefit Your Coaching Practice Mindfulness is a complimentary skill for coaches and is demonstrated to strengthen their work with their clients. Here is an HBR article [...]

The Transcend Point of View

The Transcend Point of View As William James, often regarded as the “founder” of modern, Western, psychology said 100 years or so ago, “…in any moment, what we are “attending to” is our [...]

Understanding and overcoming the “Immunity to Change”

Many individuals we’ve encountered have something about his or her behavior that they want to change, but are having a hard time doing it. The Immunity to Change coaching and training method, [...]

Meet Sam Magill Sr MCC, our ACTP Program as our new Director of Training

We are delighted to announce that Sam Magill Sr has joined Transcend International Academy of Professional Coaching as our Director of Training (DOT).  Sam is an MCC who resonates with the values [...]

Team Coaching What’s the point?

Team Coaching: What’s the point?   Coaching one-to-one is a very powerful way to help someone reflect upon issues that affect their performance and well-being. But just focusing on the [...]

Measuring the Impact of Team Coaching

Measuring the Impact of Team Coaching  By David Clutterbuck, 2014 The pressure to measure the effectiveness of any form of coaching intervention can be intense. Coaches and sponsors both feel [...]

Focus More on the Team and Less on Individuals

Yet another reason to focus more on the team and less on individuals  Having a team full of superstars doesn’t lead to high performance, according to research by Roderick Swaab, a professor at [...]

Tips for leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle

As part of Work-Life Balance week in October (16th-20th) Transcend International has joined together with Community Business and will be hosting a taster workshop. This taster will be related to [...]

Benefits of our Lifestyle Assessment

What is a Transcend Lifestyle Assessment? A Lifestyle Assessment is 3 day snapshot of your life. The data is grounded in scientifically valid research based on heart rate variability (HRV). If [...]

Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Executive Presence

Understanding executive presence is a dark art. People claim to know what it is when they see it – and can’t tell you how they know. People that have it know it and own it – and [...]

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