Biofeedback Solutions


Biofeedback solutions are scientifically validated approaches to creating awareness, targeting actions, supporting change and validating the impact of changes for individuals and organisations.

For those that may be a little skeptical about solutions based solely on mindfulness, emotional intelligence, or professional coaching – a solution combining biofeedback can provide tangible data and measurable results for you to use in support of achieving more sustainable transformation.

Why is this important?

The data gathered using biofeedback tools can create accurate and invaluable insights into how you or members of your organisation are coping with stress, managing energy and the demands of life. The data can also be used to get insights into performance and resilience. People can identify optimal states and triggers and then develop skills to self regulate more effectively.

Below is a video by our partner organisation, Firstbeat, demonstrating the practicality and benefits of this biofeedback technology.

We provide individuals and organisations with a powerful way to track their return on their investment in wellbeing. We understand the value that this can add to creating a healthier and more enjoyable life. It can also contribute towards a company that consistently performs, is more productive and has employees that are generally happier, healthier and engaged in their work.  Our intention is to provide an innovative solution by combining cutting edge biofeedback tools with mindfulness, emotional intelligence and coaching to help facilitate the change you are looking for.

Below is a video illustrating the benefits of biofeedback solutions to organisations.

Additional Information: Integrated Solutions

In order to enhance and quantify transformations, we integrate biofeedback solutions into our coaching, mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) programs, emotional intelligence solutions and mindfulness-based approaches.

  • What if you could identify when you are truly at your best?
  • What if you could learn which unique contexts help you recover during the day and  enable you to be more effective?
  • What if you could learn which unique contexts (or combinations of contexts) drain your energy and make you less energetic and resourceful?
  • What if you could have a clear picture of how much you recover while you sleep and what your total balance is throughout the week?
  • What if you could get a window on your exercise that would help you learn if it is really benefitting you and how to adapt it to increase the effects of your training?

Our biofeedback tools provide all this information and combined with our expertise in coaching and mindfulness-based approaches creates a powerful opportunity for genuine quantifiable transformations.

Imagine prior to beginning your 8 week MBSR program completing a Transcend Lifestyle Assessment that provides data-based insights into your stressors, sleep, recovery and fitness. You participate in the program targeted your efforts in personal and precise ways. And then, having completed the program, conducting another assessment and seeing the impact of your changes scientifically validated not just in your feelings or thoughts but within your body.

Our Partners 

Firstbeat and HeartMath Institute are two pioneers in the industry when it comes to Heart Rate Variability research and the creation of accessible applications for performance and wellbeing. We are a partner in Hong Kong for Firstbeat products and services and we use the Firstbeat Bodyguard 2 monitor for our 3 day Transcend Lifestyle Assessment Packages.

We also use HeartMath Inner Balance devices for short term real-time Heart Rate Variability feedback that helps people learn how – in the moment – they can develop skills to shift into more coherent and effective mental and emotional states.

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