Transcend Group International is a global professional coach training and leadership training company with a presence in Asia and Europe. Founded in 2006,  we are one of the few companies globally to hold dual accreditation from both the ICF and the EMCC.


We exist to positively impact the world and future generations by developing the capability of people, organisations, and ourselves, to flourish.


  • We are Hong Kong’s 1st ICF-ACTP and Asia’s first EMCC-EQA accredited programmes.
  • Our faculty team includes Ex-Presidents of International Coaching Federation Chapters and are regarded as thought and practice leaders in coaching education circles.  
  • Our programmes are evidence-based and grounded in scientific research such as neuroscience, mindfulness research, Robert Kegan’s adult development theory, Diana Fosha’s work with Affect, and Wilbur’s Integral Model, among others.


Our Certificate in Professional Coaching Programme is designed to create a strong foundation for building coaching skills and a coaching practice. This programme is often chosen by those aspiring to become professional coaches as well as internal or organisational coaches.

This programme includes everything needed to apply for ICF ACC accreditation (total of 71.5 hours ACSTH) including 10.5 hours of Mentor Coaching / Coaching Supervision.


  • A deep understanding of what coaching really is and how it differs from other “roles” we play in our lives. The programme develops the ability to be grounded in “who you are” as a coach, what is expected from the role of a coach and to remain present in a way that is developmental for others.
  • Initial grounding in models, theory and science to support coach development.
  • Coaches will be able to begin to practice coaching, as coaches in learning, immediately in a professional and ethical manner.
  • To ground your coaching practice in internationally accepted best practices. This includes internationally recognised competency frameworks, ethics, professional standards and definitions.
  • To become skilful at managing coaching clients, conversations and programmes in a way that is focused and relevant to your client’s goals and desired outcomes. The foundational ability to conduct a coaching session and execute a full coaching programme.
  • To become skilful in co-creating meaningful well-formed goals.
  • A commitment to competency-based development based on practice-based feedback and reflection.
  • An appreciation for the value of, and active participation in supervision and mentoring support, engagement in learning and reflective practice.


Tony Dickel

ICFHK Past President
Transcend Group International CEO

Tony Dickel is one of Hong Kong’s most experienced and highly credentialed executive coaches, coach trainers, “soft-skill” trainers, mindfulness trainers and counsellors with 10+ years experience as a coach and 30+ years of Board-level leadership experience across a wide range of business sectors including Finance, Consulting, Luxury Goods and Human Resources. 

Craig McKenzie

ICFHK Past President
Transcend Head of Team Coaching
Head of the GTCI CASP Practitioner Programme

Craig McKenzie is an experienced international coach, coach educator, coaching supervisor and organisational leader dedicated to creating the conditions for success and facilitating excellence in individuals, organisations and teams.

Paul Tran

PEOPLE CIRCLE – Managing Director
INSEAD – Executive Coach
Professional Certified Coach (PCC) – ICF
Senior Practitioner and Team Coach – EMCC

Paul is a leadership coach bringing nearly 30 years of corporate experience from senior positions in Human Resources, Marketing and Sales. He has lived and worked in Europe and Asia. With his French and Chinese origins, he naturally understands ambiguity in human interactions and complexity in cross-cultural environments.


This programme includes everything needed to apply for ICF ACC accreditation (total of 71.5 hours Level 1) including 10.5 hours of Mentor Coaching / Coaching Supervision. 

The full programme promotional pricing for the pioneer cohort is SGD 5,510.

  • Super Early Bird Price – July 21st and earlier –  SGD 4,780.
  • Early Bird Price –  Aug 21st and earlier – SGD 5,145.

Some coaches choose to join this programme for their continuing development. We are pleased to offer a version of it without Mentor Coaching / Coaching Supervision at a reduced price. Upon completion, you will receive 61 CCEs or Level 1 hours.

Price without Mentor Coaching / Coaching Supervision: SGD 4,860

  • Super Early Bird Price – July 21st and earlier –  SGD 4,135.
  • Early Bird Price –  Aug 21st and earlier – SGD 4,500

Please note, if you decide to purchase Mentor Coaching / Coaching Supervision Hours at a later stage in the programme, we will be able to offer this to you at a special alumni price.


Our blended programme includes:

  • Live scheduled sessions – both in-person and online;
  • Self-directed learning (we call this Reflective Learning)
  • Mentor Coaching/Supervision; and,
  • Observed Coaching Practice.

The in-person sessions offer a chance for deep and intensive learning while being in contact with your cohort and facilitators.

Online sessions enhance self-directed learning, the ability to reflect at your own pace, and provides you with convenient mentor coaching time. 

Our blended Professional Coaching Programme combines the best of both worlds. 


In-Person Programme:

Your coaching journey begins with a highly interactive and enriching 3 days of live and in-person sessions in Singapore from Sept 21 – 23, 09:00 – 18:00 SGT. 


Online Webinars:

The next phase includes a combination of self-directed learning, LIVE webinars, mentor coaching/supervision and coaching practice online every Tuesday from Nov 1 – Dec 6, 2022, 19:00 – 21:00 SGT. 

Pre-Programme Self-Directed Learning
  • Key assignments require approximately 2 hours to complete before the in-person programme
  • There is an additional set of content we recommend you complete before the in-person session. Your learning will be enhanced if you can complete this additional content, which you can do at your own pace and includes videos, articles, and research. We estimate that this will take approximately 12 hours of your time. If you are not able to complete it before the in-person session, then you can complete it at your own pace afterwards.
Post-Programme Self-Directed Learning
  • There are a number of Reflective Learning Assignments that can be completed at your own pace.


You need to participate in 2 Observed Coaching Practice sessions which will be scheduled at mutually convenient times.

Additional Observed Coaching Practice

2 x 2-hour sessions = 4 hours total


Mentor Coaching/Supervision is a vital part of your coach education and ongoing commitment to professional development. We have a strong supervision grounding and have developed an effective approach that integrates the best of mentor coaching and coaching supervision.

There are 7 x 1.5-hour Mentor Coaching/Supervision sessions which need to occur over a minimum of 3 months. This includes 5 groups and 2 individual sessions.

By the time you graduate from our programme, you will have completed 10.5 hours, which is slightly more than is required by the ICF for the ACC level of accreditation.


Following the in-person sessions, we will form optional small Learning Groups. This will be an invaluable learning platform to reflect and discuss your learnings and develop your coaching skills through practising various coaching models and tools together. The amount of time you dedicate to your Learning Group will be up to you and we encourage you to make the most of this opportunity to extend your coach training experience and enrich your learning by participation. We recommend that you meet weekly online (or even in person!), or at the very least engage in your WhatsApp group. As responsible adult learners, we would invite you to self-organise together the way in which your group would like to interact and support each other!

 Please note: If you are pursuing an EMCC Accreditation then participation in Learning Groups is required.

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