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Dedicated to achievement and organizational effectiveness through cultivating purposeful, emotionally and mentally balanced cultures

Our various training and coaching offerings facilitate performance, development and, where necessary, transformation.  We use only evidence-based and scientifically informed adult learning frameworks and systematic processes leading to improvements in both personal and organisational effectiveness through achievement, fulfillment, and engagement.


In summary, Transcend Executive Coaching creates broad outcomes that we term “the 3 selfs” as follows:

Self Awareness. This is the moment by moment knowing of our mental, physiological and emotional state and how it may be driving our thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  As well as this it also involves a flow of understanding, or discovery of, of our authentic and skillfully dermined motives, values, preferences and goals together with that which takes us “off track”.

Self Management. This is “recognizing and adjusting” when going “off track”.  With the understanding cultivated by self-awareness, the Client will then work on self-regulatory strategy to use this information to the benefit of themselves (and their organisation) rather than just  being caught up in the “flow” of experience.  In this way instead of reacting to stressors or other external events with “patterned responses” which may create derailment, Clients will practice, using multiple methods, different ways of responding which are constructive and productive.

Self Transformation. This relates to the ability not only to change as needed in the Areas of Concern” but to acquire abilities which will create long term positive change.  This occurs through self-observation of ones “Structures of Interpretation” or “narratives” and how they may be impacting on reactions, behaviours and (self-limiting) assumptions.  The process creates deep realisations and insights.  Self-generation provides the foundation for long term development of specific competencies underlying leadership and management skills and without it, performance development may not be sustained.

Insight, Professional Growth and Sustained, Adaptive, Behavioural Change

Specifically, results are created through conversations that lead to insight, professional growth and sustained behavioural change by creating long-term motivation and attention to desired outcomes. Transcend coaches are highly trained with leading edge and evidence based adult learning tools.  They have the background, skill, credibility, presence, experience and independence to hold conversations that challenge and stretch counterparts in a way that others cannot, inviting them not only to stretch competency in their “AOC”s but also to alter their “ways of thinking, feeling and being” as needed to support sustainable change.  

The end result is coaching goals are met and exceeded and organisational results improve at the same time as perceived stress (dis-tress) is being reduced for the Client.

In summary, Transcend Executive Coaching creates “long term competence” in the areas of coaching concern (AOCs).



Specific Outcomes

Individuals who commit to Transcend executive coaching typically achieve outcomes such as:

  • The ability to better influence peers, seniors and direct reports through developing “presence”
  • A clear understanding of areas needed for development together with a clear plan for such development
  • Clarification and establishment of a strong leadership legacy
  • Ability to be aware of and manage bias
  • Increased ability to think strategically in terms of outcomes and the capability to deliver those outcomes
  • Maximise goal setting skills enabling effective prioritisation and effective time management
  • Improved delegation and empowerment behaviour
  • Increased knowledge and insights into themselves and the organisation which allows them to flexibility, versatility and self confidence
  • Enhanced ability to set appropriate boundaries in their professional relationships
  • Advanced communication skills, including more effective listening skills; and the ability to have different and appropriate types of conversations across the organisation
  • Exceptional focus and attention to actions which lead to desired results
  • Exceptional emotional and mental balance in the midst of stress and “busyness”
  • Move from an “I” to a “We” mentality – the key to influence and executive presence
  • Overall ability to better utilize their learned knowledge and skill in “real world” rather than simply “classroom” conditions
  • Long term improvement in the creative insight and innovative, out of the box thinking (reduction in cognitive rigidity)
  • Improvements in self-efficacy and the creation / strengthening of “growth mindsets” both within self and others
  • Coaching has been proven to be the most effective way to cultivate a number of critical leadership skills (particularly in the “soft skills” or “cognitive meta-skills” domain, and in particular, to bridge the gap between “knowing” and “doing”.
  • Leaders and managers are increasingly expected to coach, but……
  • Most of what happens when managers think they are coaching is not
  • To get the results coaching promises, competencies must be not only developed but embodied, and default behaviours must change.
  • The reasons senior people in organisations are not effective are rarely technical, and more often adaptive. Coaching, and certainly learning coaching skills, builds adaptive capacity, the key to success in the modern world of work.



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