Enko Von Arnim

Academy Director
Transcend International

Enko is a facilitator of positive change. He helps executives have the life and impact they want.  The types of “impact” his clients have wanted and achieved include but limited to:

  • Effectiveness in a senior role – shifting from effectively managing to leading impactfully
  • Development of the ability to continually focus on the important as opposed to the urgent in a continually fluid environment with conflicting priorities thus making decisions with the greatest business and personal impact
  • Greater resilience and drive to achieve business and personal goals
  • Career development or change

Enko coaches with the belief in Human Potential. Everyone has the ability to tap into their full potential.  We are not defined by failure. A “failure” is a lesson not a death sentence.  It shows us what didn’t work so that we know to try something different.  We own our mistakes as well as our successes. This allows us to take ownership for our lives which means we’re responsible for creating the life we want.   Old dogs can learn new tricks. It’s ok to be scared and then to do it anyway. True happiness and success comes from the authentic self.  And this requires work.


Enko approaches coaching with curiosity as well as with the genuine intention to help others develop and achieve their goals.  He’s been described as having the ability to create a calm, safe space where clients can be their authentic selves as they explore their goals.  He can be challenging when appropriate but always supportive and focused. 



Enko spent over 15 years in Advertising and Marketing in the UK, China and Hong Kong at various global advertising agencies managing Fortune 500 companies such as Dell Computers, Pernod Ricard, Volkswagen, Nike, and McDonald’s.  He has successfully led cross-functional and multicultural teams spread across geographies in markets spanning Europe, the Americas as well as APAC delivering award winning, results generating campaigns for his clients.

Enko’s coach training along with a business and leadership background coupled with international experience and outlook gives him a unique portfolio of skills and insights. These skills allow him to help others achieve their goals – whether they are professional or personal.

Throughout his career, one of his main passions was spotting good talent and helping them develop the skills and mindset change required to take on senior roles thus realising their potential. This passion is what started him on his coaching journey.  



Enko was born in Taiwan, grew up in Singapore and the UK. His multi-cultural upbringing and experience has gifted him with an international outlook on the world and a ready empathy towards others.  His mother tongue is English and has an excellent working knowledge of Mandarin.  Outside of coaching, his first love is the performing arts followed closely by a good dinner with good wine and even more importantly great friends.


  • ICF accredited coach [ACC]
  • Certificate in Professional Coaching Mastery, Transcend International, Hong Kong (ICF accredited coach training)
  • Coach tutor at Transcend International
  • Biological Sciences Bsc (Hons), UK

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