Alumni Corner – Vicky Lee

Why did you choose Transcend? When I decided to pursue my lifelong career in coaching, I decided to go through a formal coach-training earlier this year. With this in mind, I researched across the board to find a professional, holistic and practical coaching program for a new join. I eventually [...]


To change or not to change is NOT the question

There are contexts where change is optional and we affirm that every change has an element of choice. However, in the current state of the world, “to change or not to change is NOT the question”. The new norm requires the cultivation of a way of being that is characterised by [...]


Internal Coaching Tips Choose Your Mindset

To make the shift to a coaching style of leadership or even to utilise the skills of a coach in your role as a manager requires a significant mindset change. Before you can change it, you need to recognise that you have a choice. The mindset that you have is not your default setting. Your […]

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