Transforming Bias through Coaching and Mentoring

Tony Dickel and I were delighted to deliver our presentation virtually for this exciting conference. What great work on behalf of organisers to adapt to the new online format. And, I have to [...]


Creating Effective Goals: 4 Transcend Coach Alumni Share Their Best Tips

This month we published a blog post on how we help individuals and organizations create what we call “well-formed goals“. At Transcend, we’ve had the privilege of [...]


What I learnt from being a coach

Today I received the certificate from the elite coach training institute – Transcend, as a certified professional coach. My next goal is obtaining the accreditation by International Coach [...]


June to July Events and Programs



Moving Forward: Setting Goals That Work

What are Goals? We all have goals. Whether it’s in our personal lives or professional domains, we aspire to do and be better. This improved state is our goal. It is the direction where we want to [...]