Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Executive Presence

Understanding executive presence is a dark art. People claim to know what it is when they see it – and can’t tell you how they know. People that have it know it and own it – and [...]


Team Coaching Supervision Is Not For You

Team coaching supervision is not for you, it’s for your clients. If you have heard about coaching supervision and think “that’s not for me!” you are more right than you know. The [...]


Developing from an Individual Coach to a Team Coach: What challenges have you observed or experienced?

Highly developed individual coaching skills are a crucial requirement for coaches to make the transition from one on one or group coach to a team coach. I have collected a few insights based on [...]


Transforming Bias through Coaching and Mentoring

Tony Dickel and I were delighted to deliver our presentation virtually for this exciting conference. What great work on behalf of organisers to adapt to the new online format. And, I have to [...]


Locking Down Team Performance Under Lockdown

People all over the world have been invited/forced/embraced/resisted/challenged – pick the word that connects to your experience, and then keep reading – with a much larger portion of [...]


Team Coaching: What’s the Point?


Meet Sam Magill Sr MCC, our ACTP Program as our new Director of Training

We are delighted to announce that Sam Magill Sr has joined Transcend International Academy of Professional Coaching as our Director of Training (DOT).  Sam is an MCC who resonates with the values [...]


Team Coaching What’s the point?

Team Coaching: What’s the point?   Coaching one-to-one is a very powerful way to help someone reflect upon issues that affect their performance and well-being. But just focusing on the [...]


The Talent Wave

The Talent Wave Why Succession Planning Fails and What to do about it   “If current practice in succession planning works, how come the wrong people so often get to the top? And why is it [...]

Coach training that leads to transformations

Transformational Coach Training Through our coach training and development programs, we develop coaches who are skilled in helping people meaningfully transform their ability to pay attention to [...]