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Join us this month and next for our upcoming events and ongoing programs.

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Team Coaching

Day 2 of our Team Coaching is on May 13th. Enquire to should you wish to join the next batch.


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Free Webinar: Turn off Worry, Turn on Resilience (Cantonese)

The first session in Cantonese was well-received. Here’s your final chance to join our Turn off Worry, Turn on Resilience webinar in Cantonese on May 14th, 10:00 am HKT.


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Certificate in Professional Coaching

Day 2 and 3 of our Certificate in Professional Coaching module 1 are going to happen this May 12th and 15th, respectively. Begin your coaching journey with our upcoming online program which starts in July 2020. Learn more below and then email us at We have an ongoing early-bird promo.


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Free Webinar: Introduction to Transformational Coaching

Save your spot today for our free live webinar next week, 20 May 2020 at 7:30 pm HKT. This webinar will introduce you to transformational coaching, and how it differs from other kinds of coaching. We will also provide ways for you to start developing skills for transformation, whether it’s for yourself, your team/organization, or your clients.

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Short Program: Resilience Accelerators

We invite you and your colleagues to a short but impactful program in which you will learn ways to train the mind and manage activities, to build resilience. The English program starts on 20 May 2020 while the Cantonese program starts on 28 May 2020. Please email us at for enquiries.

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Transcend Into Leadership: Virtual Chat With Our CEO Tony Dickel

How can leaders and managers skillfully lead their people, teams, and organizations in the present moment? What is the way forward into the future? What can we learn from scientific and business research on leadership and people development? Join our upcoming virtual chat with our CEO, Tony Dickel. Sign up below to learn from Tony and other leaders on 27 May 2020 at 4:00 pm HKT.


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Mindfulness Practice: Virtual drop-in

To help you to connect and build your resilience together, we have organised virtual drop-in 20-minute sessions with a Potential Project senior facilitator once a month. These sessions include a 10-minute mind training practice as well as time for questions and answers, as well as space for us to connect as a community. If you know anyone who may benefit from this practice, please feel free to share this invitation with your friends, colleagues and family members.


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Certificate in Transformational Coaching (Module 4)

Our advanced coaching participants are on their final module this coming June 9 – 11, 2020. This program is focused on developing skills with our Transformational Coaching methodology. We have upcoming online program for advanced coaching in October. If you are interested in joining our coaching programs, email


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Certificate in Professional Coaching – Module 2 (Online)

Our Certificate in Professional Coaching – Module 2 (Online) is still ongoing. Click below to learn more about our upcoming online program in July or by visiting Early-bird promo is available ’til end of May.

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Free Webinar: Setting Well-Formed Goals: Goals that actually work

Understand the importance of goal setting in the coaching process and how Goals and Motivation are linked. Learn how to establish goals that actually work – meaning they are desirable, rewarding and sufficiently challenging to be pursued and achieved. 

Join our free live webinar where we will explore some methods that will help you and others (if you are a coach, manager, leader) achieve breakthroughs necessary to move forward, beyond “stuck points”, towards goals that are important and meaningful.

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Free Webinar: Is your client Stuck? Help them get Unstuck

We all get stuck: stuck in our same old habits, stuck in the face of new challenges, stuck in unhelpful thoughts that hold us back, stuck in emotions that swirl around in our minds with nowhere to go. Most of us have experienced this at various points in our lives. 

“Feeling stuck” is a common situation that we experience with coaching clients. This can manifest in them struggling to come up with solutions to problems they’re facing, or them having difficulty making progress towards their goals. 

Join our webinar where we will explore some methods that will help you and others (if you are a coach, manager, leader) achieve breakthroughs necessary to move forward, beyond “stuck points”, towards goals that are important and meaningful.


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