Transcend Launches
Mindfulness-based Professional Coach Training Programs


Transcend is launching a unique offering for strengthening coaching competencies and helping coaches help their clients adapt to the modern world (characterised by information overload) through the cultivation of mindfulness.  As mindfulness becomes increasingly well-regarded as a core tool for personal transformation, this is a great opportunity for coaches to develop their own mindfulness practice and integrate mindfulness-based approaches into their work with clients.

Upon successful completion of this program, coaches will be awarded the Certificate in Mindfulness-based Coaching ICF ACSTH or CCE (not yet determined).



Coaches are increasingly finding their clients stuck in patterns of behaviour which take them away from their goals. When this happens, the coach could risk feeling stuck themselves, as they observe their clients not “moving forward”.  Behavioural change starts from within, with changes in “mindset” rather than just “skillset” being the foundation for inner and outer transformation. This unique offering equips coaches with a variety of mindfulness and mindfulness-related skills that can support themselves and their clients to shift mindsets in a way that supports profound change.

Read this article about How Mindfulness Can Benefit Your Coaching Practice.


  • Develop the mindfulness skills necessary to enhance your work as a coach
  • Skilfully integrate mindfulness and mindfulness-related practices within your work with clients
  • Cultivate an underlying attitude of kindness and compassion – which are essential to and supportive of mindfulness, and provide the container in which transformational change occurs


The programs we offer here are part of our Mindfulness-based Coaching Pathway. This pathway is designed for learning coaches who recognise the value of the practice of mindfulness in helping themselves and their clients achieve their goals. In addition to grounding coaches in professional and transformation coaching theory and practice; this program also grounds coaches in mindfulness and develops competency in integrating mindfulness into coaching programs. This unique combination of scientifically grounded transformational and mindful approaches to development creates the conditions for sustainable, profound and meaningful change.

Below are a list of the programs we offer in this pathway:

  1. Certificate in Mindfulness-based Coaching ICF ACSTH or CCE (not yet determined)
  2. Advanced Certificate in Mindfulness-based Coaching ICF ACSTH + CCE
    1. Advanced Certificate in Professional Coaching+Certificate in Mindfulness-based Coaching
  3. Certificate in Mindfulness-based Coaching Mastery EMCC (Pending) + ICF ACTP
    1. Certificate in Professional Coaching + Advanced Certificate in Professional Coaching + Certificate in Mindfulness-based Coaching

Learn more in our Professional Coach Training and Development page.

Introductory Sessions

We will offer a couple of complimentary sessions for introducing mindfulness-based coaching. Click on the sessions below to register:

1) Onsite Session: Thursday, May 24, 7PM (HKT), Transcend International Office
2) Online Session: Thursday, June 7, 7PM (HKT), Zoom Webinar

Program Overview

This program is conducted over 4 days, with a few days gap in between each day to allow time for practicing the tools and skills given on each day.

We are in the process of applying for CCEs for this program, as well as European Quality Award (EQA) accreditation.

Transcend Alumni and other coaches trained at a PCC level (For non-alumni: there will be pre-work and 2 webinars to familiarise you with our coaching approach).

English, Mandarin, Cantonese

Hong Kong: HKD 18,000 (HKD 14,000 for Transcend Alumni)
Shanghai: CNY 15,000 (CNY 11,500 for Transcend Alumni)
Guangdong: CNY 15,000 (CNY 11,500 for Transcend Alumni)
London UK: GBP 1,700 (GBP 1,300 for Early Bird)
All prices above include VAT

Hong Kong Program: June 26, August 21, September 11, Nov 7
Shanghai Program: September TBD
Guangdong Program: September TBD
London UK Program: October 12-13, remaining 2 days will be completed online

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