Professional Coach Training and Development


Finding and choosing the right coach training pathway is not easy. Experience has taught us that a firm grounding in professional coaching skills is essential for coaching success. This is regardless of the specialisation that a coach may choose. We have developed multiple coaching pathways with international accreditation for beginning and experienced coaches.

If you are an experienced coach and are looking to earn or renew your credential or attaining a new level of credentialing you will be interested in our Advanced and Mastery coaching certifications programs. If you are a beginning coach the best place to start is our Professional coaching certification program.

Our programs are accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and/or the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

Coaching Pathways

Our coaching certification pathways are designed to enable coaches to develop their practice, skills and credentials in multiple directions. Coaches can always add on a new dimension or level of training as their vision for coaching develops. We also welcome coaches who have completed coaching training with other organisations.

Please follow the links below to find out more about the unique features of each pathway and be sure to read our articles to get a feel for our point of view. Better yet, contact us and have a conversation where we can help you discover the best way to bring forth to the world what you want through coaching.

Professional Coach Training and Development

Professional Coaching Pathway

This pathway is chosen by coaches who aspire to coaching excellence, desire to achieve a coaching credential and will apply their coaching skills in a variety of ways.  We work closely with our learning coaches to not only develop coaching competency and to develop their unique coaching practice.

  1. Certificate in Professional Coaching ICF ACSTH
  2. Advanced Certificate in Professional Coaching ICF ACSTH
  3. Certificate in Professional Coaching Mastery ICF ACTP
    1. Certificate in Professional Coaching + Advanced Certificate in Professional Coaching 

Mindfulness-based Coaching Pathway

This pathway is designed for learning coaches who recognise the value of the practice of mindfulness in helping themselves and their clients achieve their goals. In addition to grounding coaches in professional and transformation coaching theory and practice; this program also grounds coaches in mindfulness and develops competency in integrating mindfulness into coaching programs. This unique combination of scientifically grounded transformational and mindful approaches to development creates the conditions for sustainable, profound and meaningful change.

  1. Certificate in Mindfulness-based Coaching ICF ACSTH or CCE (not yet determined)
  2. Advanced Certificate in Mindfulness-based Coaching ICF ACSTH + CCE
    1. Advanced Certificate in Professional Coaching+Certificate in Mindfulness-based Coaching 
  3. Certificate in Mindfulness-based Coaching Mastery EMCC (Pending) + ICF ACTP
    1. Certificate in Professional Coaching + Advanced Certificate in Professional Coaching + Certificate in Mindfulness-based Coaching 

Team Coaching Pathway

Designed for coaches with experience and training, this coach training pathway is designed to help coaches become experts in applying coaching skills in teams. Delivered in partnership with Coaching and Mentoring International and EMCC co-founder, Professor David Clutterbuck, these programs will stretch and challenge coaches to a new level of competency.

Completion of each program Module will earn a certificate for that module and completion of the entire pathway will culminate in the reception of a Certificate In Team Coaching Mastery.

This program qualifies for EMCC Practitioner Levels Training and ICF Continuing Coach Education Units.

  1. Team Coaching Certificate Programme Module 1
  2. Team Coaching Certificate Programme Module 2
  3. Team Coaching Certificate Programme Module 3

Professional Coach Training and Development

International Coach Federation Accredited Coach Training

January Events

English – Certificate of Professional Coaching  Part 1, January 24-26, 2018 (Hong Kong)

English – Advanced Certificate of Professional Coaching  Part 1, January 31-February 2, 2018  (Hong Kong)

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Transformational Coach Training


We are dedicated to developing the profession of coaching in Asia and beyond. Our suite of flexible, professional and high touch coach development solutions are designed to meet the needs of coaches at every level of development. Our entire coach training pathway has been approved by the ICF as an ACTP Program (130 hours). Each individual program has also been approved by the International Coach Federation and qualifies for either ACSTH or CCE’s.


Learning the skills of a coach is only one part of the process of becoming a coach. We believe that coaching is more about “being than doing” and that the key transformations occur deep within the coaches “way of being.” Being with themselves, with clients and with the coaching conversation.


We take certifying coaches seriously and seek to meet and exceed the standards set by the International Coach Federation and other leading edge coaching bodies.  We ensure all of our coaches receive required mentor coaching, observed coaching practice and assessments.

Grounded and well rounded

Well rounded coach training of exceptional quality and balance. Grounded in the latest research and science in areas of mindfulness, neuroscience and emerging coaching theory. Built upon a solid foundation of meaningful international experience in coaching, in leadership and in the development of people.

Coach centric, we care

We are deeply passionate about your coach development. This shows up in our commitment to your coach development journey and our vision to see regional coaches taking their place in the global coaching world.

Flexible, accessible

Schedules always seem to change. Our personal and working lives are emergent and dynamic. We designed this program for maximum flexibility, if you are committed to being a coach, we will get you there.

Lead Instructors

Director of Training – Tony Dickel

Academy Director – Craig Mckenzie

Partner – Michelle Chan 

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Programs are delivered in person in Hong Kong, China and London




Assessments, Programs, Certification



Leadership, Change, Coaching Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness



Corporate Based Mindfulness Training, MBSR, Emotional Balance



Professionals, Individuals, Coaching Pools


Personal and Professional Development



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