Emotional Intelligence Programs

Emotional Intelligence is becoming a important source of differentiation and gain for today’s leaders and organisations. The Harvard Business Review, in an analysis of more than 20 years of research, concluded that “Emotional Intelligence accounts for nearly 90 percent of what moves people up the ladder”. An increasing amount of research in organisational and leadership effectiveness in top global companies are showing that EI contribute towards:

Increasing employee engagement
Improving team-working
Raising productivity and profitability
Managing multi-generational workforces more effectively
Increasing sales performance
Improving customer service
Creating a receptive environment for a major change program


Here is a brief video summarising evidence for the importance of EI in the workplace.

Based on our 10+ years of experience working with leaders and organisations from around the  world, we understand that client needs are complex. We therefore offer an integrated range of solutions based on our leadership development portfolio, which we customise with our clients based on their needs and goals. Some of these solutions include:


  • EI Leadership Training
  • EI Assessments
  • EI Coaching
  • EI Integrated Solutions