Immunity to Change

Many individuals we’ve encountered have something about his or her behavior that they want to change, but are having a hard time doing it. The Immunity to Change coaching and training method, developed by Professor Robert Kegan of Harvard University (Kegan & Lahey, 2009), is the most effective process we know to address someone’s internal barriers to self-improvement.  This process is exciting because it makes a difference quickly and is highly “evidence based”. Read more…


Understanding and overcoming the “Immunity to Change” Workshop

The Immunity to Change process is most useful for the thornier and more difficult self-improvement goals.  Common leadership improvement goals that the Immunity to Change process addresses, include: delegation, communication (speaking clearly/succinctly, engaging in conflict constructively, speaking up with peers or executives, listening  and empowering, prioritizing and creating focus, building trust and relationships, developing and coaching others, work/life balance, collaboration with others and building executive presence.

Over a 1-2 day process, participants will work with one such challenging developmental (behavioural change) goals which are important to their career or their life.  Using a highly experiential and interactive process we will help participants create an “immunity map” so that they can see clearly their “hidden, protective commitments and assumptions” which may block their progress.  The process helps to surface the protective assumptions (which, in fact, are simply stories which are almost certainly not true) and design tests so that they can be released from their impact.

The process is somewhat like the ladder of learning in reverse, taking participants from being “

Unconsciously immune, to

Consciously immune, to

Consciously “released” (from the “grip” of the assumptions blocking change) to, finally,

Unconsciously released (where the target behaviour becomes “default”, even under stress, because the protective assumption no longer has power to derail it).