Lifestyle Assessment Specialist Training Program

This one day training program will begin your journey to becoming a skilled lifestyle assessment specialist.  This program is for a wide variety of professions including health, fitness, wellness, education, personal training, sport coaches, executive coaches and life coaches. You will have the ability to conduct lifestyle assessment projects with groups and individuals.

Become a Lifestyle Assessment Specialist. Contact us to explore how you can learn to use this professional assessment to help your clients’ wellness, fitness, and stress management.


This training will enable you to conduct professional Firstbeat lifestyle assessments, coaching, and marketing for individuals/groups. Firstbeat is grounded in the well-developed and researched science of Heart Rate Variability. The technology is designed to seamlessly transform heartbeat data into personalized insights on stress, exercise and sleep.

Some professions who will benefit from Lifestyle Assessment Training include:

  • Organisations committed to the health and wellness of their people
  • Wellness, well-being, mindfulness and lifestyle practitioners and consultants
  • Professional life coaches
  • Professional executive and organisational coaches
  • Fitness professionals, sport coaches, clubs and trainers:sporting teams, athlete lifestyle and wellness, performance development, training effectiveness
  • Sporting associations and clubs
  • Physical Therapists
  • Counselors and therapists, helping professionals