Lifestyle Assessments (For Individuals)

The Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment gives you data- and evidence-based personal information about factors affecting your wellbeing. Find out how work, leisure and sleep affect your life. You will be paired with a Lifestyle Assessment Specialist that will guide you through a process for helping you manage stress, enhance recovery, exercise right, and more.

We also provide options for combining the Lifestyle Assessment with our performance and wellbeing coaching services and/or mindfulness-based approaches to provide you with more comprehensive and holistic support for reaching your performance and wellbeing goals.

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“Firstbeat is a great tool that makes complex physiological variables visible and engages the client. It is a unique tool for understanding stress, recovery and resilience.” 

Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessments help you understand the state of your well-being and what to do to improve it. The assessments comprehensive look at well-being during work, leisure and sleep.

Example of lifestyle assessment report

The assessments will give you data- and evidence-based insights on how to:

  • Manage stress: Recognise activities that cause stress
  • Enhance recovery: See how you recover during sleep
  • Exercise right: See the effect of your exercise

You will be paired with a Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment Specialist, who will help you get started. The recommended duration for the assessment is 3 days, to reflect physiological states both during work and leisure. The specialist will then guide you through the assessment report and work with you on a personalised plan for improving your well-being, performance, stress management, exercise, and quality of sleep.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment: