Lifestyle Assessments (For Organisations)

Create successful wellness, resilience and performance programs for your people with Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessments. Corporate wellbeing starts with you. Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment monitors your physiology, revealing the link between your lifestyle and wellbeing. Get personalised report and feedback on daily stress factors, sufficiency of recovery, quality of sleep and the health and fitness effects of physical activity. The objective feedback helps you and your employees improve your daily performance, reach your goals and simply feel better by choosing the actions that will have a positive impact on your work, leisure and life.

Transcend International also provides options for combining the Lifestyle Assessment with our performance and wellbeing coaching services and/or mindfulness-based approaches to provide you with more comprehensive and holistic support for reaching your performance and wellbeing goals.

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“Firstbeat provided our people new ways to take care of themselves and perform better at work.” (Ernst & Young, HR Director)

Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessments help maximise the potential of the people in your organisation.

  • Provide employees with data- and evidence-based insights for boosting their well-being and performance
  • Design personalised advice for each employee
  • Improve resilience and work efficiency
  • Prevent exhaustion and burnout

Firstbeat Organisational Track Record 

Based on 15 years of experience in heart rate variability (HRV), Firstbeat has developed a unique body analytics technology. We can provide a real-life 24h tracking of stress, recovery, sleep quality and health benefits of exercise. Firstbeat is used worldwide by hundreds of elite sports teams, thousands of corporations and millions of consumers to get personalised and actionable information on stress, recovery and exercise.

Watch video illustrating the benefits of Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessments to organisations:

The assessments and specialists will give you and your organisation data- and evidence-based insights on how to:

Manage stress:

  • Stressed employees are less effective and make more mistakes.
  • We help identify consuming factors in personal life and work that cause stress and burnout.
  • 85% of employees coached feel more effective with the help of Firstbeat Assessment.

Enhance recovery: 

  • We help employees understand how to recover better. As a result employees arrive to work energized and focused.
  • Reportedly reduces sick leaves (up to 30%).

Exercise right:

  • Find the optimal level of exercise for each employee. As a result they will be more stress resilient and productive.
  • Proven to motivate employees to start and keep exercising.