Professional Coaching for Leaders and Executives

Organisations have come to trust our highly experienced and internationally credentialed coaches to work with their leaders and executives. We have a wide range of coaching experience (breadth) and the capability to effect deep transformations (depth).


Organisations are investing in coaching because they are seeing results. At Transcend we have a simple and clear perspective on how to create sustained meaningful change that leads to the results we want.

Results we want or don’t want,

are due to actions we take,

which are based on choices we consciously or unconsciously make

that emerge from what we are paying attention to in any given moment.

In our experience in working with highly successful leaders, transformations in thinking, attention, self awareness and focus are required to generate durable change.  In particular, the ability to manage our attention moment by moment can result in dramatic desirable changes in our Way of Being.

The ultimate goal of Transcend transformational coaching, at the broadest level, is that clients obtain a number of broad outcomes, from which all the other benefits of excellent coaching flow.

  • Long term excellent performance in the “domain of concern”, resulting from,
    • Self Awareness, leading to,
    • Self Management or Self Regulation and,
    • Self Origination