Team Coaching Certification

An Intensive 3-Day Workshop Facilitated by Leading Global Expert and Acclaimed Author, Professor David Clutterbuck

Hong Kong, May 9-11, 2018.

ICF Continuing Coach Education Units 20.25


Team coaching is a rapidly growing segment of the coaching world. It addresses the performance, behaviours, structures, processes and aspirations of the team collectively, ultimately equipping the team with ability to employ a coaching mindset to itself. The role of the team coach is more demanding and challenging than that of a one-to-one coach, but frequently even more rewarding.

Having acquired knowledge and developing competencies in team coaching, you will discover new areas of application both as a team coach and as a coach in general.  You will strengthen existing coaching skills used in  “one-on-one”coaching practice, and understand the context of coaching the team or the coaching client and the systems themselves, of which the client(s) are a part. Specialists who use team coaching in their practice note that it has become easier for their customers to influence their teams and, as a result, individual changes in coaching have become more stable.

Managers will leave with the expertise and understanding to manage their teams more efficiently.  Routine managerial work will take less time and give you the opportunity to concentrate on strategic priorities. The success or failure of a manager largely depends on the success or failure of his team. During the training, you will learn simple and ready-to-use tools that you can immediately apply.


At the end of the workshop, you will gain:

  • A clear understanding of the core concepts of team coaching and what makes it so different from one-to-one coaching, or other interventions, such as team building
  • An extensive toolkit of practical approaches you can use in working with teams
  • An understanding of the various types of teams and what unique challenges they have on the journey to high performance
  • An awareness of the most common traps for team coaches and how to avoid them
  • Clarity around how to contract with a team, so that they get the most benefit from the coaching process
  • Practice in using some of the core tools and techniques of team coaching
  • Insights from team coaching that will improve your one-to-one coaching

Team Coaching Certificate Programme – Module 1: Basics of team coaching

Day 1 – Foundations What is a team?

  • How teams develop.
  • Models of team / group training.
  • What helps and hinders team effectiveness?
  • Relations between leaders and followers.
  • What do we mean by “high-performance teams”?
  • Differences between individual and team coaching.
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the team.
  • The key points in the process of team coaching

Day 2 – Techniques and Approaches

  • The behaviour of the team and team members.
  • How to recognise and analyse team dysfunction.
  • Team identity.
  • Working with subgroups.
  • Establishing and working with the team’s mission / team goal.
  • Detection and management of conflicts of interest.
  • Conflict management techniques in the team.
  • Communication in a team.
  • Techniques for clarifying and building team goals.
  • Management of team motivation, temporary problems

Day 3 – Developing Your Practice

  • Building of individual and collective development in accordance with the development plan of the team.
  • Group supervision.
  • Ethical moments in team coaching. Management of “non-involvement” / disunity of coaching relationships.
  • Development of your brand of team coaching and its promotion.
  • Additional Topics and Case Studies

Professor David Clutterbuck is a leading HR consultant and keynote speaker for leadership, coaching and mentoring within the workplace. He is a co-founder and lifetime ambassador of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and founder of Clutterbuck Associates. Visiting professor at two UK Universities, he is repeatedly among the top 25 HR thinkers in HR Magazine’s annual survey, and is the author or co-author of 70 books. Click here to learn more about David Clutterbuck.

Enrolment and Withdrawal Policy
Our programs include a high degree of interaction so we keep the number of participants to 18 or less. We will advise you immediately if we are oversubscribed and will place you in the next available program. Any fees paid will be immediately refunded unless you advise us to hold them as payment for your enrolment in a future program.
Coaching requires a learning mindset and full participation in activities and practice sessions. Transcend International Academy reserves the right to invite participants to withdraw if their participation is disruptive, unethical, inauthentic or not in keeping with our Educational Philosophy and/or ICF Ethics and Standards. If you are asked to withdraw, no refund will be provided.
Once the program has commenced, if you are unable to attend one or more training days for any reason we will endeavour to provide support for the training that is missed but no refund, in full or in part, will be given. Depending on circumstances it may be necessary for additional fees to be charged to cover the cost of providing the additional support required.

Refund Policy
If you are accepted for this program we assume you will be able to participate in the training days as indicated and that you will participate as a fully engaged learner. If you are unable to start the program after being accepted and paying the required fees, advice of your need to withdraw, must be given in writing or via email to and the following refund policy will apply:
If advice is received,
More than four weeks before commencement of the program-full refund will be given
Two to four weeks before commencement of the program-50% refund will be given
Less than 14 days before commencement of the program-no refund will be given
Where full or part refund of fees applies you may either request the refund be paid to you or advise us to hold it in credit against your attendance at a future program.
In the unlikely event you are asked to withdraw from the program, no refund will be provided.

Program Cancellation Policy
Transcend International is conscious of the need for busy people to be able to confidently manage their time but there may be situations beyond our control where a program may need to be cancelled or changes made to some or all scheduled program dates before or during a program.
In these circumstances we will provide as much advance notice of alternative dates as possible. If you are unable to accommodate all or some of the alternative dates we will give you priority for allocation to the next program for which places are available, or where only a small part of the program can’t be attended we will arrange to provide you with the learning and activities you missed, at no additional expense to yourself.
Transcend International will ensure participants either be allocated to another program or receive the missing components of training by alternative means. Transcend International management will make the final decision on whether a participant is allocated to another program or alternative learning options are provided.

No refund of fees in full or in part will be made.

Inclement Weather

We abide by the Hong Kong policies regarding inclement weather.  Scheduled programs may need to be rescheduled and in cases where portions of programs are effected we will work closely with participants to arrive at solutions.  When predictive warnings are in place we will advise participants of our decision for upcoming programs.


A key aspect of our learning methodology is video and audio recordings of live coaching sessions to assist participants develop their coaching skills. Transcend International Academy of Professional Coaching will only use recorded material for training purposes within the program and in order to comply with the ICF credentialing process, selected recordings may need be submitted to the ICF for program accreditation and audit purposes.

It is our intention to build a robust ongoing learning community of coaches and to this end we will communicate with former program participants about Coaching related information, developments and activities deemed to be of interest. You may opt out of receiving our post program communications by contacting us on or after completing the program.

Note: This is Module 1 of a European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) Accredited program* of 3 Module Certification Program as seen below:

  • Team Coaching Certificate Programme – Module 1: Basics of team coaching
  • Team Coaching Certificate Programme – Module 2: Tools and techniques in greater depth
  • Team Coaching Certificate Programme – Module 3: Consolidating knowledge and skills

in Modules 2 and 3 you will:

  • Build on your existing experience of working with teams
  • Assess how and whether to bring team coaching into your existing portfolio of coaching / consulting activities
  • Enhance your skills and confidence in working with teams
  • Bring greater clarity to your offering as a team coach
  • Be challenged and stimulated as part of your learning journey as a coach!

Modules 2 and 3 Coming in 2019

*EMCC’s European Quality Award (EQA) offers the market place the much needed framework to enable the quality of mentoring/coaching services to meet and be recognised for meeting high quality standards of the profession.

We offer multiple payment options: bank transfer, cheque, online (PayPal).

Instalment payments are also available. 

Program Investment**
Certificate in Professional Coaching* HKD 30,000 (Early Bird HKD 27,000)
Advanced Certificate in Professional Coaching* HKD 30,000 (Early Bird HKD 27,000)
Certificate in Professional Coaching Mastery HKD 56,000 (Early Bird HKD 50,400)
Certificate in Mindfulness-based Coaching HKD 15,000 (Early Bird HKD 13,500)
Advanced Certificate in Mindfulness-based Coaching* HKD 45,000 (Early Bird HKD 40,500)
Certificate in Mindfulness-based Coaching Mastery HKD 71,000 (Early Bird HKD 63,900)
Team Coaching Certificate Program – Module 1 HKD 16,000 (Early Bird HKD 14,500)

*Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Bundle: There is an option to add an ACC Bundle to these certification programs. These are an additional 4 hours of mentor coaching to meet the ICF Individual Credentialing requirement. The investment on an ACC Bundle is HKD 4,000.

**Taxes: All amounts outlined above exclude any taxes that may incur upon payment.



Program Intake Dates
Certificate in Professional Coaching
Oct 31-Nov 2, 2018
Jan 8 -10, 2019
Mar 12 -14, 2019
Jun 11-13, 2019
Sept 10 – 12, 2019
Dec 3-5, 2019
Advanced Certificate in Professional Coaching October 24-26, 2018

Apr 24-26, 2019

Aug 13-15, 2019

Nov 5-7, 2019

Certificate in Professional Coaching Mastery
Oct 31-Nov 2, 2018
Jan 8 -10, 2019
Mar 12 -14, 2019
Jun 11-13, 2019
Sept 10 – 12, 2019
Dec 3-5, 2019
Certificate in Mindfulness-based Coaching  Dates coming soon
Advanced Certificate in Mindfulness-based Coaching October 24-26, 2018

Apr 24-26, 2019

Aug 13-15, 2019

Nov 5-7, 2019

Certificate in Mindfulness-based Coaching Mastery
Oct 31-Nov 2, 2018
Jan 8 -10, 2019
Mar 12 -14, 2019
Jun 11-13, 2019
Sept 10 – 12, 2019
Dec 3-5, 2019
Team Coaching Certificate Program – Module 1 Dates coming soon