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Mindfulness Based Approaches that we support and deliver are simply ways of developing ourselves which are firmly rooted in science and informed by traditional practices.  The opposite of mindfulness is mind-emptiness or even sometimes we could use the phrase mindlessness.

When we are mindful our minds are focused, our attention is managed, we are on task, we are professional, resilient, resourceful, innovative and emotionally intelligent.  The end result being, exceptional emotional and mental balance.

Why is this important?

For leaders to be successful and to be able to engage, inspire and make appropriate decisions, emotional balance is everything. Emotional balance provides the grounding for people to bridge the gap between what they know and what they do and use all of their intelligence, experience, knowledge, training and intention in the moment of choice. The result of this is superior performance and exceptional mental wellbeing.

The answer comes down to making skilful choices under the “exam conditions” which the “real world” of modern leadership, management and life presents to us, and the key is to maintain excellent mental and emotional balance in that “moment of choice”.

Find out more at our sister organisation Transcend International Institute for Mindfulness Based Approaches.


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Quantifying your lifestyle and your ability to rest and recover

Rest is underestimated. Some of us are so busy we do not have time to rest. Some of us feel that we are resting when we are sitting on our phones catching up with social media. For some, we may feel a sense of guilt when we are resting, like we don't deserve it or that we have so many things still to do. What ever your relationship with rest is... I invite you to take a moment to check in with it. See if you can catch the story you are telling yourself or potentially avoiding... For the purpose of this article, I will focus on our bodies ability to switch between rest and recovery mode (parasympathetic nervous system PNS) and fight or flight mode(sympathetic nervous system SNS) in a healthy way. Our ability to perform, be resilient and be healthy can be linked to how efficiently our bodies can switch between the two nervous systems. For many of us we are constantly 'switched on'. Demands from work, emails, deadlines, working with people in different time zones, family, social life. The list can be endless if we do not set boundaries. Add in the fear of missing out or missing something and we find ourselves 'on demand'. We are continually pouring out energy from our bucket of resources which is our body, mind and soul. When do you pour energy back in to your bucket? Energy out VS Energy in In my experience working with clients from all different industries, many of us are out of balance energetica

Thriving in the Modern World

“……..the single most common source of leadership failure we’ve been able to identi