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People around the world are taking ownership of their development, focusing on areas of interest and improving themselves. We are pleased to offer a range of high quality programs suitable for personal and professional development. Coaches, facilitators, trainers and leaders looking for ways to transform themselves and others will find our programs of interest.

We offer a blend of In Person and Online options for your convenience.

2018  Upcoming Hong Kong In Person Programs 

Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment Specialist Training Program

April 18, 2018

Genos International Emotional Intelligence Practitioner Certification

April 19-20, 2018

Team Coaching Mastery

May 9-11, 2018

Certificate of Professional Coaching  Part 1 – ACTP and ACSTH

May 16-18, 2018

Advanced Certificate of Professional Coaching Part 1 – ACSTH and CCE

June 6-8, 2018

Certificate of Professional Coaching Part 1 – ACTP and ACSTH (Cantonese Program)

June 22-24, 2018





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Personal and Professional Development


Team Coaching in Pairs

Team Coaching in Pairs

Team coaching is a very demanding activity. It is increasingly the norm that team coaches work in pairs. The benefits of doing so include:  
  • Sharing the parallel tasks of facilitating the group and observing the group dynamics
  • Each coach has frequent breaks from intense engagement with the team, so they remain fresh
  • Being able to step in when a colleague is stuck (for example, pointing out a group dynamic and asking the team what they would like to do about it)
  • More effective debriefs than when one coach reflects on their own
  In choosing a co-coach, it is helpful to look for someone with complementary skills and personality. You can learn a lot from each other and they will observe things you do not.   When you are the “back of room” coach, you can add value to the process by taking notes – for example, interesting words or phrases used by the team, interactions between group members (you may want to represent these as a diagram), ideas for new exercises, feedback for your coach colleague.   As a team of two, you can also role model being an effective team. Share notes and brief each other at coffee breaks. Demonstrate the skills of listening, supporting creative thinking and giving feedback to each other. However, in giving feedback to each other, be careful not to give the team the impression you are in disagreement or disarray – pra

Team Coaching Virtual Teams

Team Coaching Virtual Teams Virtual teams have a number of differences compared with co-lo

When not to coach a team

When not to coach a team Just as happened with coaching individuals, as team coaching beco