Team Effectiveness Diagnostic Survey

What does your team achieve that you cannot achieve as one person — and how does your team achieve them?  We all know that an effective team can bring results and satisfying individual and collective experiences that make a difference from one job to another.  And yet so much mystery is left in how to build an effective team.  The first thing you should know is this; how effective is your team?


About the Diagnostic

This survey is designed to provide insight into the key factors that underpin team effectiveness. It consists of seven elements, focusing on Purpose & Motivation, Internal and External Processes, Relationships, Learning Processes, Psychological Safety, and Leadership Qualities and Behaviors.  

This diagnostic is designed to be completed from the perspective of an individual team member or a team leader.  If you want your whole team to participate please feel free to share the link. You will each receive an individual report. Fill out the form below to take the survey.

Team Effectiveness Diagnostic Survey

Applying Your Results

 Sharing your results can create interesting conversations in your next team meeting or team away event. This is much more effective if you can get every team member to complete the diagnostic.

How We Can Help

Upon request, we will be happy to provide a comprehensive analysis of your data and recommend appropriate strategies and plans to improve key drivers for overall team effectiveness inside your organization.

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