Craig McKenzieDirector, Coach, Facilitator, Coaching Supervisor

    Director, Head of Genos International Business Unit,  Coach, Coach Instructor, Mentor Coach, Coaching Supervisor, Facilitator 

    Transcend International Group

    Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coach Federation

    Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and Master Trainer, Genos International

    Immediate Past President,

    International Coach Federation Hong Kong Charter Chapter

    Vice Chairman, 

    Valley Rugby Football Club, Hong Kong

    Areas of Expertise


    Coaching, Mentoring and Coaching Supervision

    10 Years Regional Executive and Leadership coaching and training covering a broad range of leadership competencies, leadership development, as well as, mindset and behavioural change

    Emotional Intelligence: Developing the set of skills that are foundational to success and wellbeing for leaders and followers

    360 Feedback and Psychometric Assessment based coaching

    Coaching for all levels of management and leadership

    Mentor Coaching for the professional development internal and external coaches

    Group coaching for targeted development

    Coaching Supervision focusing on working on “the work” of internal and external coaches

    Facilitation, Training, Design

    20 years experience designing customized, effective and engaging leadership solutions for organisations, individuals and groups

    Training and facilitation of a large variety of licensed and customised programs focused on Leadership Development, Workplace Communication, Change Leadership, Innovation, Mentoring and Coaching

    Style and Point of View

    Craig has an authentic blend of gentle strength, humour, wisdom and warmth that he utilises to create the conditions for people to develop and meaningfully change.

    Working with people interested in change he creates awareness, generates insights, provides clarity and adds value. Described by his clients as having a direct, simple and focused presence. He has the ability to narrow issues to key concepts, discern what is important and ask simple thought provoking questions that create meaningful movement toward desired goals. Working with coaching clients at an appropriately challenging level, he can adjust his approach and direction to achieve results.

    In recent interview, he reflected on his perspective on coaching:

    It’s simply about stuff…

    It’s about the stuff of life… some of it’s useful, some not so useful, or no longer useful. If you really want to change, then professional coaching is the best path. 

    Meaningful stuff, leadership stuff, practical stuff, future stuff… the stuff dreams are made of. 

    If you want to… get your stuff together, get stuff done, figure stuff out, clear stuff out of the way, prioritise stuff, clean stuff up, in a nutshell, I help people with their stuff.

    Qualifications and Memberships

    President, International Coaching Federation Hong Kong Charter Chapter

    International Coach Federation, PCC Professional Certified Coach (Professional Certified Coach Pending approval)

    Emotional Intelligence, Certified Genos Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

    Coaching Supervision,  awaiting graduation Coaching Supervision Academy, England

    Advanced Certificate of Professional Coaching ACTP, Transcend International Academy

    Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach(TM)

    Certified Mind Body Bridging Practitioner, co-authored book on Mind Body Bridging for the Workplace

    Level 3 Executive Coach, Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership

    Assessments: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) Certification, FIRO-B® certification, DISC Certified

    Action Centred Leadership (ACL) certification

    Arrow Leadership Program

    Former VP of Coach Development for the Hong Kong International Coach Community

    Awarded Scholarship for a Post-Graduate Diploma and PhD in Leadership, Thierry Graduate School of Leadership, Belgium, Completed 2 years


    Craig is passionate about creating pathways to connect and unleash leaders to make an unexpected and sustainable positive impact on their companies, communities and societies at large. He is an experienced coach, mentor coach, facilitator,  and coaching supervisor and has been working with proven and emerging leaders and has facilitated and designed programmes for executives and leaders at all levels within organisations in over 12 countries over the past 25 years.

    Currently a Director at Transcend International, his role includes strategic and operational leadership within the business and oversight and development of the portfolio of programs and services for Leaders, Organisations, Trainers and Facilitators and Professional Coaches.

    Prior to his involvement with Transcend International, Craig was Director of Training and Delivery with the Institute of Executive Coaching and prior to that Senior Consultant for Leadership Development at Ethos International, a John Swire and Sons Company. These leadership development and coaching focused roles followed a 17 year career giving leadership in the not-for-profit sector both in Canada and South East Asia.

    His leadership has been characterised as strategic, entrepreneurial, inspirational and empathetic. He led turnaround and organisational change initiatives with virtually minimal attrition and organisational stress. He has significant experience in developing boards and executive board members and was sought out as a guest speaker and a consultant for conferences and strategy sessions.

    He has worked with corporations, institutions and non-governmental organisations to increase cooperation, avoid duplication, develop socio-entrepreneurial capacity and to make their organisations more strategic, healthy and efficient. Following the tsunami of December 2004, Craig worked closely with relief and development agencies and the members of the international military ensure individuals and teams were effective in an exceptionally traumatic environment. His exposure to the disaster and related traumas led to shift in careers and a journey through burn out, emotional exhaustion and post-traumatic stress. For the remainder of his career, Craig desires to invest his life in helping people create the conditions for meaningful sustainable success.

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