transcend into leadership virtual chat with Our CEO Tony Dickel

A McKinsey & Company survey of 80,000 leaders showed that 77% of leaders think they engage and motivate their people, while 82% of their people disagree.

This is just one striking symptom of what has been identified as today’s “Leadership Crisis”. That in the context of the global crisis that we’re now experiencing presents major challenges for organizations.

How can leaders and managers skillfully lead their people, teams, and organizations in the present moment? What is the way forward into the future? What can we learn from scientific and business research on leadership and people development?

If you are a people leader or manager, or simply a curious mind, join our virtual chat every month, where Tony Dickel (CEO of Transcend International) will lead a conversation around fresh insights and evidence-based tools for 21st century leadership. We will also answer audience questions live and create a dynamic conversation around the most pressing issues facing us all today.


Last Wednesday of every month at 4:00 PM-4:30 PM

29 Apr, 2020 | 27 May, 2020 | 24 June, 2020 | 29 July, 2020 | 26 Aug, 2020 | 30 Sep, 2020 | 28 Oct, 2020 | 25 Nov, 2020 | 30 Dec, 2020

Tony Dickel

Tony Dickel, CEO of Transcend International, draws from decades in leadership positions, executive coaching, facilitating mental and emotional effectiveness programs in corporates, and counselling/therapy. “Cultivating Mental and Emotional Resilience” is a program of Transcend International, which integrates cutting edge emotional neuroscience, modern psychology and relevant ancient wisdom from contemplative traditions – all in service of helping leaders and their people create the conditions for exceptional performance and genuine happiness. More about Tony here.

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