Upcoming Events and Programs (April/May)

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We’d like to invite you to join our upcoming events and programs.

FREE Webinar: Turn off Worry, Turn on Resilience

We invite you to a highly-focused introductory 55-minute webinar in which we will share evidence-based tools and techniques to boost your resilience. This will be led by our partner organization, Potential Project, the world’s leading mind training and resilience experts.


Leadership Virtual Chat

We invite you to an Exclusive Leadership Virtual Chat on Wednesday, April 29, 4:00 – 4:30 PM HKT with Tony Dickel (CEO of Transcend International).


Certificate in Professional Coaching – Module 2 (Online)

Our Certificate in Professional Coaching – Module 2 (Online) is ongoing. If you are interested in our Certificate in Professional Coaching – Module 1, please visit transcend-intl.com/coaching or learn more about our upcoming online program in July with a super early-bird promo by visiting transcend-intl.com/onlinecoaching.


Community Gathering: Mindfulness Practice and Sharing

To help you to connect and build your resilience together, we have organised virtual drop-in 20-minute sessions with a Potential Project senior facilitator once a month. These sessions include a 10-minute mind training practice as well as time for questions and answers, as well as space for us to connect as a community.


FREE Webinar: Coaching for Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is becoming an important source of differentiation and revenue for today’s leading businesses. The Harvard Business Review concluded that “Emotional Intelligence accounts for nearly 90 percent of what moves people up the ladder”. An increasing amount of research in organizational and leadership effectiveness is showing that Emotional Intelligence contributes towards employee engagement, team-working, productivity profitability & performance, customer service & more. Join this webinar on 6 May 2020 at 7:30 pm HKT to understand the importance and applications of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace and in everyday life.


Certificate in Professional Coaching – Module 1

Become a Certified & Globally-Accredited (ICF & EMCC) Professional Coach with Transcend International, by registering to our Certificate in Professional Coaching program – suited for those looking for comprehensive theory and practice to start operating as a certified coach, whether independently or internally within your company/organization. This is happening on May 5-7, 2020.


FREE Webinar: Introduction to Transformational Coaching

Coaching is a process of growth and transformation, but what do we mean by this? What is transformation and how does it support us in achieving our personal and professional goals? How is coaching a key pathway to transformation? Whether you are a coach or someone who is curious about coaching, this webinar will introduce you to transformational coaching, and how it differs from other kinds of coaching. We will also provide ways for you to start developing skills for transformation, whether it’s for yourself, your team/organization, or your clients. 


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