Becoming a Coach Can Improve Self-Awareness

What do our past participants say about our professional coach training?

Hear from Rahul Jagannathan who recently completed our Certificate in Professional Coach Training Program (100% online).


  1. Why did you want to become a coach?

In India, the startup ecosystem is very nascent and converting them into organizations with a people focus is something I have grown to become passionate about. I see developing coaching skills as central to making this happen. 

  1. Why did you choose Transcend International?

I had been toying with choosing a reputed firm with a good track record to do my coach training. One of my close friends, who I hold in high regard, recommended that I choose Transcend as my learning school. When I interacted with Tony and Craig on exploratory calls, I understood that there was a strong scientific grounding to their course content. This further cemented my choice.

  1. How was your training experience with us?

The training has been enjoyable. I was initially skeptical of how things would shape up online. But, it has been pretty good. I am enjoying that the training is for just two hours a week; this allows for higher quality reflection. I also like it that the training involves people from various countries; this has been helpful in building a broader perspective.

  1. What are you doing with your coaching experience now?

I have been organically using coaching in work situations. I have found it helpful with my team, and inadvertently found the approach to be very useful in hiring – it is helping me understand people’s drivers a lot better. 

  1. What advice can you give aspiring coaches?

I’m not much of a coach to give much advice yet! But, if someone is on the fence, I feel they should give this a shot and see if they find it useful. I strongly feel that becoming a coach can improve self-awareness, and thereby lead to better choices for one’s own life!


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