Cultivating Adaptive Leaders and Organizations

Transcend International is a global provider of programmes and services for helping individuals and organizations adapt and optimise in the face of the increasing challenges of today’s world.

These modern day challenges are characterized by increasing pressure, stress, and overwhelm from profound, simultaneous, and accelerating technological, economic, competitive, social/cultural and demographic change.

The external environment is often described as VUCA by leadership and organisational development experts:

  • V: Volatile
  • U: Uncertain
  • C: Complex
  • A: Ambiguous

While internally, we are increasingly facing a PAID Reality (coined by our sister organisation, Potential Project):

  • P: Pressured
  • A: Always On
  • I: Information Overloaded
  • D: Distracted


Transcend International helps individuals and organisations adapt and optimise in the midst of these contexts through cultivating organisations, teams, and leaders that embody:

Actionable Self-Awareness,


and Self-Transformation.


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