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Executive Coaching is broadly defined as the coaching work that is undertaken with senior executives in order to help them improve their effectiveness in both their managerial capacity and in their present or ensuing leadership roles. It may sometimes also involve junior executives who have the potential to develop and change and possibly ascend to leadership positions in the future. It is the kind of coaching that is employed with professionals who have significant responsibility for the current and future success and continuity of an organisation.

Our coaching work with executives and leaders has continuously evolved over the past 20 years. We have gone from an industry pioneer, helping clients to understand and value coaching, to partnering with organisations with fully developed coaching philosophies, processes and their own well-developed expression of systemic coaching. The nature of our work with coaching clients has also evolved. More and more clients are interested in transforming their mindsets, developing themselves in response to adaptive challenges and changing their way of being. 

We have a diverse pool of multilingual coaches who work at all levels of leadership, with meaningful experience, and who are based all over the world.

Why choose Transcend for Coaching

Transcend coaching solutions are evidence-based and scientifically informed by adult learning frameworks and systematic processes

Our coaching solutions lead to improvements in both personal and organisational effectiveness through achievement, fulfilment and engagement. Transcend coaches are highly trained with cutting edge and evidence based adult learning methods and tools. They have the background, skill, credibility, presence, experience and independence to hold conversations that challenge and stretch counterparts, inviting them not only to stretch competency in their Areas of Concern but also to alter their “ways of thinking, feeling and being” as needed to support sustainable change. Additionally and importantly, all Transcend coaches have a strong leadership background, are trained in mindfulness and in integrating mindfulness and related practices into their work and must submit to regular supervision, professional development and ongoing assessment.

Our Partners

Outcomes of Transcend Executive Coaching

These statements summarise key outcomes created through our coaching.

  • The ability to better influence others through developing “presence”
  • Clarification and establishment of a strong leadership legacy
  • Ability to be aware of and manage bias
  • Increased ability to think strategically in terms of outcomes and the capability to deliver those outcomes
  • Maximise goal-setting skills enabling effective prioritisation and effective time management
  • Improved delegation and empowerment behaviour
  • Increased knowledge and insights into themselves and the organisation which allows them to gain flexibility, versatility, and self-confidence
  • Enhanced ability to set appropriate boundaries in their professional relationships
  • Advanced communication skills, including more effective listening skills; and the ability to have different and appropriate types of conversations across the organisation

Our Coaching Services

Coaching can be applied in a variety of ways depending on the structure, culture, intention and budget of the organisation.

  • Individual coaching
  • Group coaching
  • Team Coaching 
  • Coaching blended or embedded within existing or co-designed leadership programmes

More about Coaching

Coaching levels

We have several categories of qualified Executive coaches to address your organisation’s leadership coaching needs. They are illustrated below:

Assessment Tools

We regularly work with a variety of assessments and are able to recommend and provide assessments where needed

Next Steps

Explore how Transcend coaching can help you and/or your organisation flourish by speaking with us.

Coaching is in our DNA and all of our team members are professional coaches. Feel free to check out our profiles over here or LinkedIn and reach out to find out how a Transcend coach could work with you. 

You can continue to find out more about us and how we work with clients on this page or by accessing the linked resources.

Our Coaches

Tony Dickel



Tony believes that the role of a coach is to provide a coachee with the tools to become truly “self generative” and “self corrective” through

Read more
Craig McKenzie


Managing Director, HEAD OF TEAM COACHING

Craig is committed to creating the conditions for successful enduring change for individuals and organisations.

Read more
Michelle Chan


Director, China Business Head, Lead Coach and Facilitator

With a focus on the Greater China region, Michelle uses her extensive leadership experience and training to bring forth her passion to develop people.

Read more


Head of Development

Sam is the Head of Development at Transcend International, primarily responsible for developing business partnerships with Transcend’s corporate clients.

Read more

Tamami Shudo Bord

Head, Commercial Operations

Tamami Shudo is Head of Development at Transcend International and is an ICF-Accredited Coach (ACC).

Read more

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Executive Coaching - Overview

In summary, Transcend Executive Coaching creates broad outcomes that we term “the 3-selfs” as follows:

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When it comes to leadership, not all managers are created equal. Anyone can become a manager in the workplace, but few actually understand what it means to be a leader.


Successful completion of Modules 1 & 2 earns the coach our Certificate in Professional Coaching and is approved content for 67 ACSTH or 67 CCEs (Continuous Coach education Units)

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