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Professional Coach Training FAQ

The answer is, as is often the case, "it depends". There are differing opinions on this topic depending on the context. It would be great if one of our trainers can call you for a short conversation to better answer your question. Would you share a number so we can set this up?

As per Transcend Policy, students are given 24 months to attend all training. Once all training is completed, the student is given 12 months to complete all additional certification requirements. Given this, students can choose to finish M1 and 2 (including requirements) before taking the final 4 hours of mentor coaching or after. It's up to them.
Students have to finish the program and complete the requirements. There is no exam at the end. The reflective learning assignments, mentor coaching, and observed coaching practice are tools in place to assess the development of the coach. It's not a pass or fail but how a student develops the mindset and competency to apply concepts and use skills effectively. We do expect to observe the coach practicing at the minimum ICF ACC and EMCC Foundational EIA level as a requirement. However, in applying for an ICF credential, there is an exam called the Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA). This is a multiple-choice exam based on ICF’s definition of coaching, core competencies, and code of ethics. The current passing rate is 70%
We want to make sure that all our students are able to maximize their learning experience. Our maximum is 10 students per class.

Yes. Our program is sequentially designed as the more the modules progress, the more in-depth the lessons are.
If you wish to directly enter our Advanced Certificate in Professional Coaching program (Modules 3-4), please note that there are pre-requisites.
The requirements are as follows:

  1. Completion of a coach training program equivalent to our Modules 1 and 2 (67 ACSTH hours)
  2. Pre-course reading (about 4 hours worth – materials will be provided)
  3. Attendance to a 3 hr. session with a member of our faculty to discuss key concepts about Modules 1 and 2, and the pre-course reading.
  4. 7,000 HKD – direct entry investment
CKA is an online, situational-based, multiple-choice quiz. The link to take it is given by the ICF after coaches apply for their certification.
Coaches keep a coaching log. We will give a template for this in Module 1. In the coaching log, you will list the number of coaching hours, details, and indicate whether it's paid or not.
  • This is an area to be very careful, as one of the key points in the ICF professional standards is about representing ourselves truthfully. The ICF is very clear on who and how their brand is used.
  • As for the Transcend brand, we do not "certify" coaches, we are accredited to educate them to the standards set by the ICF and the EMCC.
  • Possible
    i. ICF Member
    ii. ACC /PCC/MCC accredited/credentialed coach from the ICF
    iii. ACC /PCC/MCC credentialed coach from the ICF
  • As you approach clients and work on your coaching profile, website, LI profile, etc. we would suggest calling yourself a coach “... currently completing a dual accredited ICF and EMCC coach training program with Transcend Academy of Professional Coaching.”
  • Join the ICF and/or the EMCC once you begin the program and say you are an ICF/EMCC member
  • While you attend the program and are building your coaching hours we would suggest calling yourself a “...coach currently completing a dual accredited International Coach Federation and European Mentoring and Coaching Council coach training program with Transcend International Academy of Professional Coaching.”
  • Once you graduate under your educational qualifications in your coaching profile or credentials you would say - Completed/Received the Certificate in Professional Coaching, Transcend International Academy of Professional Coaching (and include a link to us so your clients can see we exist and our standards)
  • It's also useful to link to us on LinkedIn and on Facebook, join our pages and connect with people like Craig (https://hk.linkedin.com/in/craigmckenzie) and Tony (https://www.linkedin.com/in/tonydickel).
  • Consider becoming a Transcend Associate
  • The Core Competency hours of CCE can be added together to reach the Educational Requirement for the ACC via the Portfolio pathway.
  • Our Certificate in Professional Coaching program is ACSTH approved which means you qualify to apply for your ACC via the ACSTH pathway.
  • If you complete the Certificate in Professional Coaching Mastery then you can apply via the ACTP pathway, which is the easiest and the cheapest option.
Yes, this is possible. Transcend has a very capable mentor coach who can facilitate Cantonese mentor coaching sessions. Simply inform the academy that you prefer to join a mentor coaching group (or individual session) in Cantonese so the schedule can be coordinated.
The European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and the International Coach Federation (ICF) both offer professional coaching accreditation but they differ in their certification requirements. ICF is the largest coaching organization in the world but its members are mostly located in North America. The EMCC is big in the UK and Europe (growing in Asia) and strong in research, mentoring, and supervision.
  • Both offer unique differences and values. The content is the same. We are required by the ICF and the EMCC to adhere to standards.
  • The online program offers more time to digest and apply the learning between sessions and has a regular weekly schedule.
  • The intensive program as online or in-person means a really strong experience and then the assignments and the mentor coaching provide an extension of the experience and learning over time.
  • For us, what matters most is the development of exceptional professional coaches. And, we have Continuously modified both programs - whether online or in-person - to ensure this is possible.
  • If only a small part is missed
  • i. Topic missed will be covered in the individual mentoring session
    ii. Attend additional observed mentor coaching
    iii. Attend the online webinar to cover the missed topics (free of charge)
  • If a large portion of an entire day is missed
    i. Make up for the missed day in another schedule/with another batch
    ii. Register for another module
Yes, we certainly will. Practicing with the facilitator and your peers will happen very often within the course. After training, we have regular observed coaching practice sessions. Coaches can attend these sessions to practice and get feedback on demonstrated competencies.
We have exclusive webinars for alumni discussing topics that would help them with their coaching journey. If there are NGOs or corporations looking for coaches, we recommend coaches from our alumni list. We also hold free peer coaching sessions from time to time to help our alumni complete their coaching hours requirements. For new coaches, peer coaching provides them with a chance to practice with other Transcend coaches outside of their cohort.

Team Coaching FAQ

You can find it from here.

There are 2 ways the credential can be attained and 1 is in process.

  • Apply for your accreditation directly with the EMCC and this is the current process
  • The thing we are working closely with Prof David Clutterbuck and the CMI network is embedding the accreditation into the programme.

Either way, the assignments will be preparing you for the EMCC ITCA.

Yes, you can use your alumni Transcend credits for the Team Coaching Programme.
Accessing Team Coaching Senior Programme before Team Coaching Practitioner Programme would require an intensive workshop which is not available at the moment.

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