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Teams are the epicentre of effectiveness!

They are widely acknowledged as where things go right or wrong or somewhere in between. Organisations are quickly becoming awake to the fact that they need highly functioning teams which are safe, engaging, productive and learning. Teams are where collaborative approaches to work flows, business processes and systemic change will emerge and enable organisations to evolve. Leading organisations see teams as key to their present and future agility, effectiveness and innovation.

We help teams have the conversations they need to have with themselves and others so that they thrive and create value for their present and future stakeholders.

Why choose Transcend for Coaching

Transcend coaching solutions are evidence-based and scientifically informed by adult learning frameworks and systematic processes

Our coaching solutions lead to improvements in both personal and organisational effectiveness through achievement, fulfilment and engagement. Transcend coaches are highly trained with cutting edge and evidence based adult learning methods and tools. They have the background, skill, credibility, presence, experience and independence to hold conversations that challenge and stretch counterparts, inviting them not only to stretch competency in their Areas of Concern but also to alter their “ways of thinking, feeling and being” as needed to support sustainable change. Additionally and importantly, all Transcend coaches have a strong leadership background, are trained in mindfulness and in integrating mindfulness and related practices into their work and must submit to regular supervision, professional development and ongoing assessment.

Team Coaching definition

Team Coaching at Transcend

We have been among the first movers into the realm of team coaching in partnership with team coaching pioneer and thought leader Professor David Clutterbuck.

In 2014, we introduced Coaching and Mentoring International’s (CMI) accredited team coach training into the Asian market and continue to contribute meaningfully to the development, design and delivery of CMI programmes and Global Team Coaching Institute (GTCI) team coach training throughout the world.

Our work with global teams and leaders in Europe, Asia and North America has given us meaningful opportunities to work closely with cross cultural blended teams. This has created a unique combination of leadership experience, coaching capability and collaborative innovation which has enabled us to help teams and team leaders develop along themes such as:

• Diverse, inclusive teaming and team cultures and helping DEI teams increase their effectiveness
• Team Performance: higher, more consistent and sustainable
• Team in name only – from groups to teams
• Improve stakeholder engagement, processes and engagement
• Navigate transitions, complexity, changing environments both internal and external
• Develop a team culture throughout the organisation
• Improve key processes
• Work effectively with others teams both internal and external
• Become “future-fit”
• Increase speed
• Innovative and entrepreneurial teams
• Increase wellbeing and resilience

Examples of Team Coaching

Our Team Coaching Offerings

Team Coaching

A collaborative process which is a highly tailored combination of consulting, diagnosis, team coaching and team development over time.

Group to Team

It is not unusual for teams to be “team” in name only. We help groups become teams. Or put another way, move from becoming a team of leaders to a leadership team.

Team Coaching skills for Team Leaders

Leveraging our extensive team coach training experience, we create programmes for team leaders to develop team coaching skills so they can lead their teams more effectively and coach them for development.

Team leadership coaching

Individual or group coaching focused on helping team leaders increase their ability to lead and develop team effectiveness across a wide variety of team structure and design. For example: Agile, distributed leadership, self-managing teams, teams of teams, leaders of teams of team leaders.

The Team Coaching Experience

A 1.5 to 4 hour highly interactive and engaging experience designed as an entry to team coaching and can be a one time event. A highly effective alternative to team building or team facilitation. The experience is tailored to your team’s needs and leads to team awareness, alignment and development.


  • We have an extensive set of diagnostics that can be applied in the team coaching process or for teams to gain insight into a particular challenge they have identified for development.
  • PERILL Lite and PERILL Full Versions
    • Built upon a strong foundation of research, this set of diagnostic tools measures the team against 6 pillars of team performance creating team awareness and insight into where they have strengths and where they need to develop. It is designed from the perspective that teams are complex adaptive systems and enables the team coach and the team to move beyond linear approaches to team awareness and development.
    • PERILL Lite is a great team health check and a starting point to begin team coaching or team conversations. It takes about 15-20 minutes to complete and can be widely used in organisations to gain data driven insights into team effectiveness.
    • PERILL Full is designed for teams who are deeply committed to development and goes much deeper into each pillar of PERILL. It takes about 45 minutes to complete.
  • Psychological Safety
    • This diagnostic will provide an enlightening snapshot about the level of psychological safety in a team. This provides powerful insights for team leaders and teams who need or want to focus on this key precondition for team effectiveness and wellbeing.
  • Team Resilience
    • Team resilience is an emerging area of study and focus. This diagnostic will create awareness into how well your team positively adapts to adversity, where to focus to increase team resilience and identify key team behavioural shifts in service of wellbeing, performance and engagement.

Our Coaches

Tony Dickel



Tony believes that the role of a coach is to provide a coachee with the tools to become truly “self generative” and “self corrective” through

Read more
Craig McKenzie


Managing Director, HEAD OF TEAM COACHING

Craig is committed to creating the conditions for successful enduring change for individuals and organisations.

Read more
Michelle Chan


Director, China Business Head, Lead Coach and Facilitator

With a focus on the Greater China region, Michelle uses her extensive leadership experience and training to bring forth her passion to develop people.

Read more
Annie Dahne



Annie is heading up the new UK arm of Transcend International to bring our professional coach training and professional coaching solutions to the European region.

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