Upcoming Programs and Events


March Programs

English – Certificate of Professional Coaching  Part 2,

March 07-09, 2018 (Hong Kong)

English – Advanced Certificate of Professional Coaching  Part 2,

March 21-22, 2018 + April 17, 2018(Hong Kong)

April Programs

Transcend International Lifestyle Assessment Specialist Training Program

April 18, 2018  from 09:00-17:30

Genos International Emotional Intelligence Practitioner Certification (CCE’s)

April 19-20, 2018

May/June Programs

Team Coaching Mastery (CCE’s)

May 9-11, 2018

Certificate of Professional Coaching Part 1 – ACTP and ACSTH

May 16-18, 2018

Advanced Certificate of Professional Coaching Part 1 – ACSTH and CCE

June 6-8, 2018

Certificate of Professional Coaching Part 1 – ACTP and ACSTH (Cantonese Program)

June 22-24, 2018


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About Us

Transcend was created from a deep-seated desire to help people and organisations create the conditions for durable long-term genuine success and happiness. This is dynamically linked to increasing the resourcefulness of people in crucial and simple moments of choice that impact their performance and well-being.

To this end, we have build a suite of dedicated to the pursuit of professional excellence, resonant partnerships and transformational development.If you want to adapt in a continuously changing “workspace”, increase your agility and master the ability to navigate overwhelm then our people and programs will get you there.

Who We Work With

Coaches, Trainers, Facilitators –
– Executives, Leaders, Managers
Corporations, Businesses, Organistations –
– People who want / need / have to change

Leadership Team

  • Tony Dickel
    Tony Dickel CEO, Lead Coach, Trainer and Facilitator

    Tony believes that the role of a coach is to provide a coachee with the tools to become truly “self generative” and “self corrective” through …

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    Tony Dickel
    Tony Dickel CEO, Lead Coach, Trainer and Facilitator

    CEO, Lead Coach, Trainer and Facilitator

    Transcend International

    Country Director and Lead Trainer

    The Potential Project, Hong Kong and China


    Hong Kong International Coaching Community

    Areas of Expertise

    • Mindfulness for emotional balance, resilience and mental effectiveness
    • Coaching executives for sustainable behavioural and performance development
    • Coaching for “Self Limiting Unconscious Bias” and “Cultural Conditioning”
    • Cultivation of Emotional Balance, Social Intelligence, resilience and Presence (including executive presence)
    • Coaching for focus, awareness, resilience and balance using “Mindfulness based Approaches”
    • Assessment feedback coaching using Genos EI Inventory, Hogan, Workplace Big 5, DISC, MBTI, FIRO-B and various 360 feedback tools
    • Mentor Coaching and Training of Coaches / Coaching skills
    • Coaching Supervision
    • Cross Cultural Leadership, Mentoring and Coaching
    • Top Level Career Transitions and Career / Executive Coaching

    Qualifications and Memberships

    • Immediate Past President : International Coach Federation Hong Kong
    • President : Hong Kong International Coaching Community
    • Former Hong Kong Director of the US-China Chamber of Commerce (
    • Certified Bandwidth Coach (Hewitt)
    • Trainer and Coach for “Cutivating Emotional and Mental Balance” (
    • ICF Credentialed Executive Coach (ICF is the most recognised coaching certification globally)
    • Certified in the Hogan Assessments, DISC and a variety of other assessment and 360 tools
    • Certified Corporate Based Mindfulness Trainer (CBMT)
    • Marshall Goldsmith “Stakeholder Centered Coaching” certified practitioner
    • Masters Level Certificate in the Executive Coaching and Mentoring – University of West England @ Bristol
    • Institute of Executive Coaching Credential (Level 3 – highest level)
    • Certified “Cultivating Emotional Balance” trainer.
    • Certified “MindUP” trainer (Hawn Foundation)
    • Associate of the Royal College of Science
    • Associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ACA)
    • Honours degree in Biochemistry, Imperial College, University of London
    • Advanced Level Psychology

    Career History

    • Founder Chairman of Transcend International Group ( : 2008 - Present
    • Hong Kong Director of the US-China Chamber of Commerce ( 2008 - 2012
    • Founder Chairman of the Next Level Institute ( : 2010 - Present
    • President and CEO MRI China Group – 12 years
    • Deputy COO and CFO ABN AMRO Asia Limited – seven years
    • CFO/COO Sotheby’s Asia Limited – two years
    • Director, Corporate Development, Barings Asia Limited – two years
    • Director and Group Financial Controller, Jardine Fleming – two years
    • Manager, Price Waterhouse – three years

    Coaching Philosophy

    ‘You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself.’ Galileo Galilei (1564 – 1642)


    Tony believes that the role of a coach, mindfulness teacher and trainer is to help a client become truly “self generative” and “self corrective” through “vertical development” and excellent presence in relation to their goals. He believes that in order for professionals to develop “productive” behaviours, they need to develop or discover their deepest motivational drivers and connect these to their goals and then to required behaviour supporting these. Once this is established leaders should be able to continue on their journey of performance development for a lifetime, on their own, without the need for continuous long term intervention. Tony’s orientation is to challenge leaders around the nature of their goals, helping to clarify how they fit in with “why” rather than just the “what” and the “how”. Tony’s clients, trainees and students develop practices and behaviours which can be applied in a variety of situations rather than just within the specifically identified domains. Methodologies used are varied depend on the specifics of the case and can include feedback intensive Stakeholder Centered Coaching and training through to mindfulness and reflective / observation practices to shift self-limiting orientations, beliefs and biases, develop along the way exceptional attentional and emotional balance.

    Tony’s expertise is in helping leaders to recognise that the road to achievement starts with setting challenging, relevant and highly “attractive” goals. But there is more. In order to significantly improve probability of achievement in todays world of information overload, opportunity and distraction, leaders’ goals need to be both linked to an underlying sense of “purpose” or “values” and they need to be set out clearly in terms of required behaviours, particularly interpersonal. In order to be resilient and deal with adverse situations it is necessary to remain conscious, moment by moment, of our “true” intents and goals (rather than those of whatever stories and emotions may be running our mind in key moments of choice. This, in turn, requires excellence in the “intrapersonal” domain, remaining conscious in every moment what we are longing to “offer” the world. These required behaviours need to be articulated, and measurable, and, ideally, subject to regular and appropriate feedback/feedforward loops. He helps people understand which “moment by moment” matters are creating interference for leaders in their drive towards important longer term goals, helping people to navigate the “morass” whose gravity can suck a leader in and prevent them from moving forward.

    As well as, and normally integrated with, the above, Tony has recognised during his nearly 30 years of senior leadership experience in Greater China that a major “pain point” for executives and organisations in the region is deeply conditioned “unconscious bias”. Unconscious bias, particularly related to cultural bias, creates significant communication and perception barriers leading to often damaging and erroneous assumptions and creates self limiting paradigms and beliefs which may impact individuals, teams and organisations.

    Tony’s point of view is that sustainable behaviour change around all the above potentially transformational areas is very possible and that it requires work not only at the level of tasks and goals but at the level of conditioning and conditioned structures of interpretation.   When it comes to truly “alchemic” change, one needs to work deeply and Tony’s work at this level starts with self-reflection and self-observation through creation of mindfulness and acute self-awareness which is critical to success, reduction of stress, and, ultimately, exceptional well being.


    Tony’s current work is deeply grounded in many years in leadership positions in Asia across a variety of industries since 1986. Prior to establishing the Transcend International Group in 2008, Tony’s previous role was founder and CEO of the award winning MRI China Group, a leading multinational recruitment solutions, outsourcing, talent management and talent market research organisation employing nearly 300 people across six countries in the region, with more than 150 in the mainland of China. He grew the organisation from scratch and was able to defeat many of the paradigms held both inside and outside the industry about its practices and drivers. It was during his tenure in this role that he discovered that the “coaching approach” was the best way to create, especially in a cross-cultural context, an environment of collaboration, teamwork and common ground where people are empowered, accountable and engaged. Tony successfully sold this business in 2010 and remains a member of its Board as a non-executive director.

    Previous to this role Tony spent six years with ABN AMRO Asia Group, first as CFO and, later, as deputy COO, covering the region from Japan, China and Hong Kong to Indonesia. He has also held Board level positions with Sotheby’s Asia, Barings and the Jardine Fleming Group, each one a leading institution in its field during his time with them. Tony is also a former Director of the US China Chamber of commerce, is the current President of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and currently holds the position of Director and VP for Executive Coaching at the Hong Kong International Coaching Community (HKICC).

    Tony is a regular speaker at HR and Leadership conferences around the region and is a keen birdwatcher, photographer and water-colour painter. He also teaches Mindfulness based approaches to teenagers in his spare time, helping them with overcoming stress and social pressures. He lives with his wife, cats and dog in Hong Kong.

  • Michelle Chan
    Michelle Chan Partner, Executive Coach, Mentor and Facilitator

    With a focus on the Greater China region, Michelle uses her extensive leadership experience and training to bring forth her passion to develop people.

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    Michelle Chan
    Michelle Chan Partner, Executive Coach, Mentor and Facilitator

    Michelle Chan –Partner, Executive Coach, Mentor & Facilitator

     Mandarin, Cantonese and English

    Areas of Expertise 

    • Cross Cultural Leadership, Mentoring and Coaching
    • Coaching and Mentoring Skill for leaders – Change Management, Emotional Intelligence, Communication, Career Transition, Empowerment and Delegation
    • Mentor Coaching and Training of Coaches.
    • Facilitation and Training: ICF Accreditation Program (ACSTH, ACTP); Coaching and Mentoring; Effective communication, Self-awareness & Self-development, Change Management, Corp Based Mindfulness Training,

    Qualifications & Memberships

    • ICF Certified PCC and Mentor Coach,
    • Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership (IECL) Level 1, 2,3 ACTP Training Certification
    • New Ventures West - Advanced Coaching Training by James Flaherty
    • Certified “Stakeholder Centered Coaching –By Marshall Goldsmith”
    • Certified Genos Emotional Intelligence practitioner and trainer.
    • Certified AMT(Academy for Mindful Teaching)teacher for 5-19 years old.
    • Certified CBMT (Corp- Based Mindfulness Training) Facilitator.
    • Certified MBSR Practitioner
    • Certified DiSC,MBTI,Hogan practitioner.
    • Certified NLP Practitioner and Coach
    • Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner
    • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA, Sc. Computer Science,
    • Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China, BSc Telecommunication Engineering

    Career History

    • Transcend International – A Coaching and Leadership Development Training and consulting firm;
    • Partner (3 year); Associate Director (7 years)
    • MRI Worldwide- A worldwide Leading executive search, talent management, talent market research and employer branding consultancy (10 years)
    • Managing Director, HK; Director and Regional Practice Director, Greater China, 10 years
    • Cybertroncis – A leading Electronics manufacturer in Asia and US (6 years)
    • Engineering Director; Technical Marketing Specialist; Senior Project Manager.
    • Comdial, VA /CA, United States – A telephony design house (5 years)
    • Assistant Project Manager; (1 year in Hong Kong) ; Senior Software Engineer;

    Honors and Awards

    • MRI Asia Pacific (among over 20 offices in China, Taiwan, HK, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Philippine, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand, excluded Japan)
    • “#2 Manager” Award, MRI AP,
    • “#1 Manager” Award, MRI AP,
    • Top 3 Best Consultant Award, MRI AP in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011.
    • "Hong Kong Governor's Industry Award” – as one of leading engineers for an Intercom features Phone.
    • “National Mathematics Competition, third Prize” at age of 15.


    Michelle has been actively involved with leadership development, executive coaching and mentoring since 2007. Her coaching and mentoring experience covers the area of cross cultural leadership; Change Management, Empowerment and Delegation; Self-awareness and Self-development; transition period career coaching etc. Michelle has also facilitated many coaching and leadership development workshops in last few years. Her clients vary from Chinese SOEs(such as China Unicom, Bank of China)to the multinational companies. Michelle’ facilitation style is highly interactive and she engages participants to “learn from doing” through an action-learning approach.

    Michelle has a proven track record, having worked with over 250 coaching and mentoring counterparts from technical experts to senior executive levels. She has partnered with her clients to develop an effective leadership capable of steering companies through necessary change. Michelle’s multicultural, corporate and executive recruitment background adds value and diversity to her executive coaching practice. Michelle’s clients have found her unique insight of people development, business practices and ability to engage with Asian, European and American business partners. She is an expert at inviting coaches to challenge their long held and potentially self-limiting beliefs and conditioning.

    Michelle earned her BSc in China at age of 20. She began her professional career as a software engineer. Prior to joining MRI, she was Regional Engineering Director with a leading international EMS manufacturer to manage their engineering teams in Hong Kong, China and Malaysia. As the regional practice director of MRI China Group and Managing Director of Hong Kong office, Michelle setup MRI’s JVs in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and their research center in Chengdu, China. Michelle had built up and managed the most profitable business unit within MRI China Group (10 offices in 6 countries). As one of the top consultants in the region, Michelle had heavily involved to support her clients’ organisational development, talent development, retention and succession planning.

    Michelle speaks fluent English, Mandarin, Cantonese and basic Japanese and Burmese. She had lived in China, Burma, US, UK, Japan before she rejoined her family in Hong Kong in the late of 1990s. Michelle currently lives in Hong Kong with her husband, son, two dogs and five cats. She has a passionate interest in mathematics and enjoys hiking, reading, cooking and developing youth.

  • Craig McKenzie
    Craig McKenzie Director, Coach, Facilitator, Coaching Supervisor

    Currently President of the ICFHK Chapter, Craig is committed to creating the conditions for successful change. He has a authentic blend of gentle strength, humour, wisdom and warmth that shows up in all of his development activities.

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    Craig McKenzie
    Craig McKenzie Director, Coach, Facilitator, Coaching Supervisor

    Director, Head of Genos International Business Unit,  Coach, Coach Instructor, Mentor Coach, Coaching Supervisor, Facilitator 

    Transcend International Group

    Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coach Federation

    Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and Master Trainer, Genos International


    International Coach Federation Hong Kong Charter Chapter

    Vice Chairman, 

    Valley Rugby Football Club, Hong Kong

    Areas of Expertise


    Coaching, Mentoring and Coaching Supervision

    10 Years Regional Executive and Leadership coaching and training covering a broad range of leadership competencies, leadership development, as well as, mindset and behavioural change

    Emotional Intelligence: Developing the set of skills that are foundational to success and wellbeing for leaders and followers

    360 Feedback and Psychometric Assessment based coaching

    Coaching for all levels of management and leadership

    Mentor Coaching for the professional development internal and external coaches

    Group coaching for targeted development

    Coaching Supervision focusing on working on “the work” of internal and external coaches

    Facilitation, Training, Design

    20 years experience designing customized, effective and engaging leadership solutions for organisations, individuals and groups

    Training and facilitation of a large variety of licensed and customised programs focused on Leadership Development, Workplace Communication, Change Leadership, Innovation, Mentoring and Coaching

    Style and Point of View

    Craig has an authentic blend of gentle strength, humour, wisdom and warmth that he utilises to create the conditions for people to develop and meaningfully change.

    Working with people interested in change he creates awareness, generates insights, provides clarity and adds value. Described by his clients as having a direct, simple and focused presence. He has the ability to narrow issues to key concepts, discern what is important and ask simple thought provoking questions that create meaningful movement toward desired goals. Working with coaching clients at an appropriately challenging level, he can adjust his approach and direction to achieve results.

    In recent interview, he reflected on his perspective on coaching:

    It’s simply about stuff…

    It’s about the stuff of life... some of it's useful, some not so useful, or no longer useful. If you really want to change, then professional coaching is the best path. 

    Meaningful stuff, leadership stuff, practical stuff, future stuff... the stuff dreams are made of. 

    If you want to... get your stuff together, get stuff done, figure stuff out, clear stuff out of the way, prioritise stuff, clean stuff up, in a nutshell, I help people with their stuff.

    Qualifications and Memberships

    President, International Coaching Federation Hong Kong Charter Chapter

    International Coach Federation, PCC Professional Certified Coach (Professional Certified Coach Pending approval)

    Emotional Intelligence, Certified Genos Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

    Coaching Supervision,  awaiting graduation Coaching Supervision Academy, England

    Advanced Certificate of Professional Coaching ACTP, Transcend International Academy

    Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach(TM)

    Certified Mind Body Bridging Practitioner, co-authored book on Mind Body Bridging for the Workplace

    Level 3 Executive Coach, Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership

    Assessments: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) Certification, FIRO-B® certification, DISC Certified

    Action Centred Leadership (ACL) certification

    Arrow Leadership Program

    Former VP of Coach Development for the Hong Kong International Coach Community

    Awarded Scholarship for a Post-Graduate Diploma and PhD in Leadership, Thierry Graduate School of Leadership, Belgium, Completed 2 years


    Craig is passionate about creating pathways to connect and unleash leaders to make an unexpected and sustainable positive impact on their companies, communities and societies at large. He has over 1000 hours of coaching and mentoring experience with proven and emerging leaders and has facilitated and designed programmes for executives and leaders at all levels within organisations in over 10 countries over 25 years.

    Currently a Director at Transcend International, his role includes strategic and operational leadership within the business and oversight and development of the portfolio of programs and services for Leaders, Organisations, Trainers and Facilitators and Professional Coaches.

    Prior to his involvement with Transcend International, Craig was Director of Training and Delivery with the Institute of Executive Coaching and prior to that Senior Consultant for Leadership Development at Ethos International, a John Swire and Sons Company. These leadership development and coaching focused roles followed a 17 year career giving leadership in the not-for-profit sector both in Canada and South East Asia.

    His leadership has been characterised as strategic, entrepreneurial, inspirational and empathetic. He led turnaround and organisational change initiatives with virtually minimal attrition and organisational stress. He has significant experience in developing boards and executive board members and was sought out as a guest speaker and a consultant for conferences and strategy sessions.

    He has worked with corporations, institutions and non-governmental organisations to increase cooperation, avoid duplication, develop socio-entrepreneurial capacity and to make their organisations more strategic, healthy and efficient. Following the tsunami of December 2004, Craig worked closely with relief and development agencies and the members of the international military ensure individuals and teams were effective in an exceptionally traumatic environment. His exposure to the disaster and related traumas led to shift in careers and a journey through burn out, emotional exhaustion and post-traumatic stress. For the remainder of his career, Craig desires to invest his life in helping people create the conditions for meaningful sustainable success.


Team Coaching in Pairs

Team Coaching in Pairs

Team coaching is a very demanding activity. It is increasingly the norm that team coaches work in pairs. The benefits of doing so include:  
  • Sharing the parallel tasks of facilitating the group and observing the group dynamics
  • Each coach has frequent breaks from intense engagement with the team, so they remain fresh
  • Being able to step in when a colleague is stuck (for example, pointing out a group dynamic and asking the team what they would like to do about it)
  • More effective debriefs than when one coach reflects on their own
  In choosing a co-coach, it is helpful to look for someone with complementary skills and personality. You can learn a lot from each other and they will observe things you do not.   When you are the “back of room” coach, you can add value to the process by taking notes – for example, interesting words or phrases used by the team, interactions between group members (you may want to represent these as a diagram), ideas for new exercises, feedback for your coach colleague.   As a team of two, you can also role model being an effective team. Share notes and brief each other at coffee breaks. Demonstrate the skills of listening, supporting creative thinking and giving feedback to each other. However, in giving feedback to each other, be careful not to give the team the impression you are in disagreement or disarray – pra

Team Coaching Virtual Teams

Team Coaching Virtual Teams Virtual teams have a number of differences compared with co-lo

When not to coach a team

When not to coach a team Just as happened with coaching individuals, as team coaching beco