Prof. David Clutterbuck
live in Hong Kong
September 21-22, 2023
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HKICC Event group supervision

Prof. David Clutterbuck

CCMI Founder and Practice Lead, EMCC Co-Founder, Transcend Non-Executive Director

"We exist to positively impact the world and future generations by developing the capability of people and organisations to flourish"

Tony Dickel

CEO & Lead Coach

"We help to create the conditions for genuine happiness, success, fulfilment and well-being for our clients"

Michelle Chan

Director, China Business Head, Lead Coach and Facilitator

Team Coaching
We help teams have the conversations they need to have to grow, perform and create value!"

Craig Mckenzie

Managing Director, Head of Team Coaching

Coach Training
"We coach people going through major life and career transitions, supporting our clients to explore the values, beliefs and resources that make up their identity and who they want to become following this change"

Annie Dahne

Manager - Transcend Academy

Organisational Programmes
"We accompany our clients in the process of becoming so that they can gain more clarity and awareness as to who they are and who they want to become"

Tamami Shudo Bord

Head, Commercial Operations

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Our Presence

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We Are Wherever You Need Us To Be

Transcend International is a global provider of programmes and services for helping individuals and organisations adapt and optimise in the face of increasing challenges of today’s world. We are renowned for our in-depth corporate experience, being recognised thought leaders, possessing and providing expertise in coaching and training while remaining committed to a rigorous schedule of continuous professional development.

Our Clients

As one of the most accredited and experienced coaching, team coaching and leadership development programme providers – in the Asia Pacific region initially and now with an expanding global presence – we have had the honour of serving, training and supporting professionals from over 200 multinational companies. We also provide our expertise to individuals who are on their own journey of ‘personal growth’. Our various training and coaching offerings facilitate performance, development and where necessary transformation. We use only evidence-based and scientifically informed adult learning frameworks and systematic processes leading to improvements to both personal and organisational effectiveness through achievement, fulfilment and engagement. Our programmes are continuously evolving to respond to the particular demands of the ever-changing work-scape and also help to meet the challenges of a highly dynamic and uncertain world that we live in today.

If you would like to know more about our individual or corporate offerings, please feel free to engage with us


Certificate in Professional Coaching is designed to create a strong foundation for building…

September 6 – November 22, 2023
Wed: 18:00 – 21:00 HKT

Certificate in Professional Coaching is designed to create a strong foundation for building…

September 6 – December 6, 2023
Wed: 18:00 – 21:00 HKT (Online)
Fri: 13:30 – 20:30 HKT, Sat & Sun: 09:30 – 18:00 HKT (In-person)

The Advanced Certificate in Professional Coaching is designed for advanced coaches. The purpose…

Sept 5 – 7, 2023 & Nov 14 – 16, 2023 
Tue – Thu: 09:30 – 18:00 HKT

Our Uniqueness

our blog

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The Transformative Power of Coaching Training on My Journey as a Business Coach

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Unlock Your Leadership Potential: Become a Coach & Transform Your Business & Team

In today’s complex, unpredictable business landscape, leadership is not just about managing – it’s about transforming, growing, and unlocking potential. If you strive to be …

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In today’s remote work culture, it’s crucial to prioritise employee well-being and productivity while maintaining work-life balance. At Transcend, we believe that empowered employees are …

Our Global Accreditations

Our programmes are dually accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC).
Learning at Transcend
Our programmes are well-balanced and skillfully designed to create a transformational learning journey. You will learn through various proven methods and practical assignments. Each unit includes elements of world-class instruction, shared learning, applied practice, debriefs, expert feedback, and transformational coaching.
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