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Team Coaching Practitioner Programme

The Team Coaching Practitioner programme, which is grounded in the pioneering work of Professor David Clutterbuck and his team coaching research and methodologies, is the starting point for anyone wanting to become a team coach. It aims to ensure competency, capability and confidence to apply team coaching approaches to help teams become more effective and, ultimately, develop the capability to coach themselves. The context is coaching teams in the workplace.


  • Enabling retention of talent
  • Sustainable performance improvements in both short and long term
  • New teams hit the ground running
  • Aligning teams more closely with organisational goal
  • Enabling teams to move from:
    1. Dysfunctional to functional
    2. Functional to good
    3. Good to great
    4. Great to awesome
Programme Duration:

This programme will run in the following formats:

  • 7 x 3-hour online sessions
  • 3 days in person
  • Completion of Team Coaching Foundation, GTCI Gateway or appropriate equivalent. Please ask us if you qualify.
  • 3 years practising as a 1-2-1 coach, mentor or leader with at least 18 months experience working with / developing / leading a team.
  • This is a practitioner level course which is an immersive & experiential program requiring a full and active engagement. It is for people who already have experience of one to one coaching and teams and is not for absolute beginners.  It takes the experience you already have and extends it to real team coaching.
Programme Structure
  • Our programs are designed to be flexible in their delivery. 
  • Online will have 7 x 3 hour sessions
  • In person will be 3 full days
  • Ask us about alternative structures like intensive online or in person
  • Typical course size – 12 to 24 delegates
  • Individual & Group Reflection
  • Coursework: Reflective assignment
Completion Requirements:

Total Commitment hours:

Usually completed over 6-12 months, the 152 hours in total are made up of 18 hours of training,  40 hours of reading (theory and models), 60 hours of preparation, planning and practice with at least your teams with the remainder split across reflection and the assignment. Please note that you are required to practise with at least 2 teams and a general expectation of 4 sessions per team to be accredited.

  • Provides the essential skills, knowledge and confidence to begin to coach teams
  • The opportunity to connect and network with other team coaches and support each other during the learning journey
  • 12 months free CCMI membership
  • 12 months free membership to the PERILL team diagnostic platform (worth £750 a year). Members can use with unlimited numbers of teams and save huge amounts (other providers charge up to $1500 per team)
Is it recognized by accrediting bodies?

Our Team Coaching Programs are accredited by both the EMCC and ICF. Successful candidates will receive:

  • Automatic recommendation for the Team Coaching Practitioner ITCA (Individual Team Coach award) from EMCC Global which also includes automatic recommendation for the European Individual Accreditation EIA (an Individual Coach / Mentor level award at Practitioner level) from EMCC Global
  • This programme is accredited as an Advanced Accreditation in Team Coaching (AATC) programme and satisfies the criteria for team coaches to apply for the ICF’s Advanced Certification in Team Coaching
  • For coaches interested in CCE or CPD we can provide a certificate of completion which you can use to claim 152 hours of CPD and 40 CCE’s for ICF members (36.5 Core Competency (CC) and 3.5 Resource Development (RD) units)
Language of Instruction: English, also available in Mandarin and Cantonese

Connect With Us

Call us at +852 8191 6819 (Mondays – Fridays between 9:00 am – 5:00 pm HKT excluding public holidays) or contact us below. We’re happy to help.

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Other Information

• Our Approach to Coach Training
• Download Online Professional Coach Training Outline
• Learn more about our Full Professional Coach Training Pathway

Why choose Transcend for Coach Training

Our Team Coaching Programmes And Faculty Are Deeply Engaged In The Cutting Edge Of This Profession.

We have extensive team coaching experience in multicultural global settings. We are on the learning edge of this developing area of coaching. We have 8 years of experience training accredited team coaches. And, we are involved in the cutting edge of research and curriculum development for team coaching through our partnership with Professor David Clutterbuck, he is a non-executive Director of Transcend

Who is the course for?

• Business Leaders, Line Managers, Team leaders who want to know more about how to coach teams effectively.

• HR Leaders and Professionals who want to help deliver a programme to support team coaching through their business.

• Professional Coaches who are looking to expand their skill set outside of 1-2-1 coaching to include or transition to team coaching.

• Facilitators and other trainers / professionals working with teams and looking to expand their toolkit.

Leader of Teams

Imagine a leader of teams (or teams of teams) who is highly skilled at creating the conditions to enable their teams to be focused, effective, and sustainably producing results that are more than the sum of their parts. Imagine a team leader who is team literate, able to create a team coaching culture with new and existing teams, and understands how to get the most out of their teams and teams of teams.

One-on-one Coaches

Imagine a highly effective one-on-one coach who can work with leaders, team members and coach the team itself. A well-rounded professional, confident and capable team coach who can deliver measurable results, applying a wide range of interventions to enable teams and team leaders to new levels of efficiency and excellence.

Internal Coach

Imagine an internal coach who can create significant value for teams and their leaders within the organisation. Utilising their exceptional coaching and team coaching skills to create value within the systems they are a part of.

HR & L&D Professionals

Imagine a Human Resources and/or Learning and Development professional who is able to add value through team coaching, team wisdom, and team leadership. Supporting teams, team members, team leaders, and internal coaches to develop high-performing learning teams that create value.


  • Provides a solid base for developing the skills and knowledge required for effective team coaching
  • The opportunity to connect and network with other team coaches and support each other during the learning journey
  • 12 months free CCMI membership
  • 12 months free membership to the PERILL team diagnostic platform (worth £750 a year). Members can use with unlimited numbers of teams and save huge amounts (other providers charge up to $1500 per team)

Learning Outcomes

  • You will increase your understanding of team dynamics 
  • You will learn how to improve team performance 
  • You will learn how and why teams behave as they do 
  • You will learn how help the team understand its own systems in ways that have a radical positive impact on how it achieves its goals and purpose
  • All of these outcomes are grounded in research and can be understood through the PERILL Model of team functioning.
Schedule 2024
Online – NORTH AMERICA friendly time
(22:00-01:00 HKT / 10:00-13:00 EST / 08:00-11:00 MST / 9:00-12:00 CST)
Apr 16 – May 28, 2024 (Tuesdays)
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Online – ASIA friendly time
(11:00-14:00 UKT / 6:00-9:00 EST / 5:00-8:00 CST/ 4:00-7:00 MST)
Apr 23 – June 4, 2024 (Tuesdays)
Enrol Now
NORTH AMERICA friendly time
(22:00-01:00 HKT / 10:00-13:00 EST / 08:00-11:00 MST / 9:00-12:00 CST) Sep 24 – Nov 5, 2024 (Tuesdays)
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In-person in Hong Kong
(9:30-18:00 HKT)
June 12 – 14, 2024 (Wednesday – Friday)
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In-person in Hong Kong
(9:30-18:00 HKT)
September 3 – 5, 2024 (Tuesday – Thursday)
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Standard Rate
Corporate Rate For 3 or more people
Alumni Rate We offer special discounts to Transcend Alumni
Ready to begin your team coach training journey?

Your Faculty

Craig McKenzie


Managing Director, HEAD OF TEAM COACHING

Craig is committed to creating the conditions for successful enduring change for individuals and organisations.

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To enhance and diversify your learning experience we may invite special guests, such as Prof. David Clutterbuck, and team coaching experts and alumni.

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