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  • Tony Dickel
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    Tony Dickel CEO, Lead Coach

    Tony believes that the role of a coach is to provide a coachee with the tools to become truly “self generative” and “self corrective” through …

  • Craig McKenzie
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    Craig McKenzie Director, Executive Coach

    Craig is committed to creating the conditions for successful enduring change for individuals and organisations.

  • Michelle Chan
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    Michelle Chan Partner, Executive Coach, Mentor and Facilitator

    With a focus on the Greater China region, Michelle uses her extensive leadership experience and training to bring forth her passion to develop people.

  • Sam Shoushi
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    Sam Shoushi Head of Development

    Sam Shoushi is Head of Development at Transcend International and is an ICF-Accredited Coach (ACC). In his role, Sam works with our corporate and organizational partners to design and deliver Transcend programs in-house. Previously, Sam worked with Google and other international organizations. He is a global citizen who has lived in 8 countries and speaks 8 different languages.

  • Liza Rosen
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    Liza Rosen Head of Public Program Development

    Liza Rosen is Head of Public Program Development at Transcend International. She has +15 years of Corporate International experience working in HR and Finance (Big4), is a multilingual enthusiast (speaks English, French, Italian, Swedish), is passionate about helping people grow, loves yoga, and is in the process of becoming a certified Professional Coach.

  • Victoria Fung
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    Victoria Fung Business Development Manager
  • Cathleen Ye
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    Cathleen Ye Head of Development (China)

    Cathleen is Head of Development in China at Transcend International and is an ICF-Accredited Coach (ACC). In her role, Cathleen responsible for the China business of Transcend. Cathleen was previously a business consultant for a Fortune 500 company. She is passionate about mindfulness, coaching, and sharing in service of developing people.

  • Aaron Ng
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    Aaron Ng Academy Administrator

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