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Emotions play an important role in our lives. They are always with us, whether we like it or not, and have a tremendous impact on everything from performance, mental health, well-being and all of our relationships.Transcend International has been integrating emotional intelligence based approaches into our work since our inception. In fact, one of our key differentiating factors is our ability to create transformational conversations that embrace the role of emotions in our work and life. 

Much of our work in this area is highly confidential and sensitive. Our professional standards, ethical commitment and demonstrated capability over time has created a high level of trust with our clients and our global partners.

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Why choose Transcend for Organisational Programmes

Transcend’s organisational programmes focus on “the 3-selfs” of Self-Awareness, Self-Management and Self-Transformation

In our work with organisations, we have had great success through integrating coaching approaches with consulting, facilitation and training. Our aim is to create awareness and movement toward sustainable behavioural change that creates value for your organisation. Transcend programmes are relevant, dynamic and tailored incorporating leading edge, multidisciplinary, evidenced-based adult learning frameworks in a systematic, creative process of setting appropriate goals, exploring options, discovering / challenging limiting beliefs / assumptions, taking “skillful” action and reflecting on learnings. Participants, whether individuals or teams, improve both their personal and organisational effectiveness through cultivating exceptional emotional and mental balance, thereby benefiting both the individual and the organisation.

Our work with Emotional Intelligence (EI)

We integrate “skill with emotions” themes within everything that we do. Our work with leaders and teams involves movement toward exceptional emotional, motivational, attentional and cognitive balance. Some examples of our work in the domain of emotions include:

Individual Coaching:

We have extensive experience in coaching executives and leaders arising from needs such as: emotional reactivity, emotional balance, overwhelm and cultivating awareness. We are often approached to work specifically with leaders whose emotions are getting in the way of their success and their ability to create the conditions for success for their organisation.

Team Coaching:

We help teams to develop their collective emotional intelligence. We work with tools like emotional mapping to help teams become more aware and skillful with emotions. This in turn enables them to leverage the energy of emotion to fuel their performance.

Assessment-based Programmes:

Our extensive and pioneering work with the Genos Emotional Intelligence suite of EI tools and their application to leadership, coaching and team coaching has enabled us to integrate assessment and development. As Master Trainers and Distributors for Genos products we are well positioned to deliver high quality EI programmes combined with a valid and industry leading assessment. 

Bespoke Programmes:

We have worked closely with organisations to supplement their leadership and management training with a focus on self, other, team and organisational emotional intelligence. In some cases, we have delivered a module on EI and in other cases we have designed a leadership journey that includes developing skills with emotions and aims at emotional balance.

Our Emotional Intelligence Specialists

Tony Dickel



Tony believes that the role of a coach is to provide a coachee with the tools to become truly “self generative” and “self corrective” through

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Craig McKenzie


Managing Director, HEAD OF TEAM COACHING

Craig is committed to creating the conditions for successful enduring change for individuals and organisations.

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Michelle Chan



With a focus on the Greater China region, Michelle uses her extensive leadership experience and training to bring forth her passion to develop people.

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PeiYin Tong

l&d,executive coach and facilitator

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