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Areas of Expertise

  • Coaching executives in pressured and fast-paced international organizations
  • Working with professionals who are facing major changes in career, new business development, relocation, promotion etc.
  • Cultivating higher self-awareness and inner strengths such as emotional intelligence as leadership skill
  • Helping leaders to transform from good managers to inspiring “people oriented” leaders

Qualifications and Memberships

  • ACC Associate Certified Coach, International Coach Federation
  • Certificate of Professional Coaching Mastery, Transcend International Academy
  • Genos Emotional Intelligence Certified Practitioner & Facilitator
  • Potential Project Certified Facilitator
  • Master of Business Administration, ESCP Europe, Paris, France
  • Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Michigan State University, USA

Tamami Shudo Bord

Tamami, PCC certified from the International Coaching Federation, coaches with empathy and compassion and she shows how they can be used as strength in pressured and fast-paced corporate environments. She specialises working with professionals who are facing major changes such as career change, new business development, relocation, promotion etc. Her coaching clients range from senior leaders to retail frontline managers. Tamami has helped her clients to find more balanced and meaningful ways of living and working so they can fully challenge their potential regardless of cultural background or other limitations. Her international education and work experience have allowed her to connect with clients who live and work in international environments.

Clients have given the following feedback after Tamami’s coaching;

  • “Thanks to you, I made a major career change though I was completely lost a few months ago!”
  • “I cannot change other people, but I changed my MINDSET and that changed my relationships with others.”
  • “I am more conscious about the fact I will always be a work-in-progress, which is LIVERATING.”
  • “I really BELIEVE in myself now and that gives me more confidence than the big sales I closed last month.”

Tamami is a professional coach, facilitator and CRM consultant with more than 20 years of combined agency and corporate experience in professional services, luxury retail, beauty & cosmetics, hospitality, and automotive industries.   She began her career in the US as a Public Relations practitioner in one of the global leading communications agencies where she served various Fortune 500 clients.  Upon receiving her MBA degree in Paris, France, Tamami took up a new challenge of CRM and e-commerce with Cartier and moved back to Japan.  The 2nd decade of her career was with Cartier in Japan and in Hong Kong until she launched her own CRM consulting business in 2015.  The more she learned and experienced life with technological advancement particularly in the area of CRM and Marketing (Digital & AI), the more passionate she became about the human side of a business. While she valued technological advancements, she consciously shifted her focus on life in general. In 2017, Tamami made an important alignment in her life – emotional intelligence, mindfulness, authenticity, her core values and passions, her business aspirations – that were all connected and formed in her coaching. Thus the 3rd decade of her career now focuses on coaching individuals and organizations to succeed from understanding and challenging their human potential. She is now a passionate coach and facilitator. After having agency, corporate and entrepreneurial experience, Tamami understands the complexity of international organizations.  She has navigated and managed situations and relationships of varying difficulties.  She has been practicing mindfulness since 2011 and has strengthened her competencies and skills by working on something where everything begins, the mind.

Tamami is fluent in Japanese, English, and conversational in French.

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