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Annie has a nurturing, compassionate, warm, and playful style of coaching. She specializes in supporting young professionals seeking a sense of clarity in their career paths, and first-time managers looking to start their new leadership roles with confidence and self-awareness. She is also building her experience in the developing area of Team Coaching and has coached teams at a local Hong Kong based NGO, which included working with the CEO and Leadership Team.

Here are her most recent testimonials:

“Annie was FANTASTIC in helping me gain clarity in my career. I was in a slump during an unemployment period, unsure of where I should head next in my career, and working with Annie was a huge part of what helped get me back on my feet. She has the ability to guide you to the answers which were hidden in you and are therefore true to you. If you feel lost in your career, or unsure which way to go next, I would highly suggest giving Annie a quick call. My only regret is not finding her sooner.”

“Annie, thank you SO much for a productive and empowering team coaching session. I’ve had phenomenal feedback from the rest of the team, who said that you made them feel at ease from the beginning. By the end of the four-hour session, we were energised and excited – it has given us a stable and open foundation to grow as a team. The thought-provoking open coaching questions meant it was really tailor-made to our needs and we were able to take the session in our own direction. Annie managed to facilitate open feedback between our team members for the first time, which is something I’ve been striving towards for some time. The team have expressed gratitude to me for carving out the time and allowing their voices to be heard.”


Annie began her professional journey in the education and fundraising sectors. In her role as APAC Business Development Analyst at Room to Read, Annie focused on strategically raising awareness of the global education crisis and building relationships with donors in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore and Sydney. Annie led employee engagement workshops and webinars with corporate partners and delivered presentations of Room to Read’s solutions and programs at financial institutions, law firms and schools across the region. Annie started her career as a teacher at a local Hong Kong school and then went on to manage a team of seven international graduates as the school’s English Enrichment Programme Coordinator. In this role she updated the school’s English curriculum and Specialised Teacher Trainer methods in compliance with HR policy across a range of areas including performance management, information management and security.


Annie grew up in Salisbury in the UK (where Stonehenge is!) and has lived in Germany and Hong Kong. Annie has a passion for youth empowerment and development. It is her mission to be a part of breaking down the barriers that young talent face, empower future leaders and build a world where all children and young adults are given a shot. She is an active volunteer with four UK based organisations working in the social mobility space: The Youth Group; Yes Futures; Career Ready and One Million Mentors. Annie’s pro bono coaching work supports young people to cultivate their strengths and launch into working life with awareness, confidence, and potential to make great things happen. Outside of coaching, Annie enjoys being in the outdoors as much as possible, going to the theatre and singing as part of the West End Musical Choir in London!


  • Certificate in Professional Coaching, Transcend International, Hong Kong (ICF accredited coach training)
  • Completed Team Coaching Practitioner Course
  • Coach tutor at Transcend International
  • First Class Honours (BA), English Language and Linguistics

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