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Managing Partner, China Transcend International Group Executive Coach and Facilitator ICF Certified Coach

Allen brought his Twenty-eight years of professional experience to his practice. He had worked in national research institution, large securities company, law firms, and public high-tech companies. He successively served as engineers, legal advisers, lawyers, corporate executives, etc. Allen has established agricultural company and investments Fund company. Allen’s diversified professional backgrounds, participating in corporate management and operations from both internal and external aspects, thus helping Allen have a broader vision and deeper insights into the business and life. He has unique insights into corporate strategy and operation management, corporate strategic planning, governance structure design , skilled in resource integration.

Allen has studied traditional Chinese culture for over ten years. He is good at substituting traditional wisdom for modern enterprises, especially integrated Chinese wisdom with his coaching. He has has provided training, consultants and coaching for many enterprises, government agencies, NGO organizations and groups for over 10 years.

Allen got his Bachelor of Engineering and Master degree of Laws, and has obtained the securities practice qualification certification, the lawyer qualification certification and the ICF professional coach certification. He has multiple cross-border thinking, rigorous logic and broad vision.

Allen is based in Shenzhen, China.

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