How to avoid losing productive time and money in your company

There's a lot of advantages to being able to deal with stress well and being a resilient human being, leader, parent, athlete, boss. Being adaptable and flexible. Dealing well with change. Going with the flow of the moment versus resisting. Being able to respond mindfully instead of being reactive. Your bodies ability to recover well when it's suppose to. You ability to switch off.

The costs of not dealing well with stress or experiencing prolonged periods of stress can be reflected both in monetary value and our health. Other factors affected are our productivity levels, our attention and emotions, our energy levels and our ability to perform at work, on the field or in life.

A study in the UK was conducted by VitalityHealth, Mercer, the University of Cambridge and RAND Europe. They looked into the effects of stress in the work place, collecting data from over 32,500 employees. Results revealed that high stress and lack of physical activity were causing industries to lose up to 27 days of productive time per employee each year. Mercer states that the financial implications of this loss in productivity are equivalent to £57billion a year on average. Thats a lot of money to lose when a prevention approach could cost less both financially and on our health.

How can we avoid this huge loss of productive time and money for companies?

At Transcend one of our Biofeedback solutions comes in the form a lifestyle assessment together with coaching.

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How the lifestyle assessment helps:

  • By identifying the causes and triggers of employee stress on a day to day basis
  • Is a scientifically valid tool for tracking subtle changes in our physiological state (using heart rate variability HRV)
  • Provides a powerfully visual report on your current state of health
  • Clearly states how much time your body spends in a ‘stress' state vs ‘recovery' state
  • Shows us how well the body is resting and recovering when its suppose to (e.g. during sleep)
  • Provides insights into why we may be feeling low in energy, not sleeping well or underperforming
  • Data combined with lifestyle coaching to implement practical applications to help you anchor the changes your looking for

Our health and wellbeing underpins our ability to perform consistently in the work place and in life. So if your looking for ways to improve productivity and performance, understanding more about your own health and your employees current overall state is a great place to start.

Thank you for reading!

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