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Benefits of Transcend Lifestyle Assessment

What is a Transcend Lifestyle Assessment?

A Lifestyle Assessment is 3 day snapshot of your life. The data is grounded in scientifically valid research based on heart rate variability (HRV). If your wondering what HRV is and would like to learn more please click here.

In the Lifestyle Assessment report you will receive comprehensive data about the following areas of your lifestyle:

  • quality of your sleep vs hours slept;
  • effects of stress;
  • ability to recover or not recover;
  • exercise effectiveness;
  • physical activity levels;
  • energy expenditure;
  • steps per day; and,
  • general lifestyle.

It will provide valuable insights to help you design your life for optimal performance and well-being. We can actually quantify what is happening with your lifestyle, help support you to make changes and reassess to track improvements later on.

A powerful way to check in with yourself and see how well you are dealing with the demands of your daily life.

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