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Choosing to Change Anything

“Recent advances in neuroplasticity show that with awareness, motivation and focused attention we can change anything about ourselves. When Tony Dickel first made this provocative and scientifically grounded statement during our Advanced Professional Coach training program our participants were intrigued and inspired. One of the key success characteristics for coaches is a continual commitment to …

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Alumni Corner – Franziska von Kliest

Alumni Interview – Franziska “In short I can say that I probably developed my individual coaching style, skills and strengths most with Transcend.” Why did you choose Transcend? The decision wasn’t really made consciously as I didn’t have any other companies to compare but I never regretted it. I met Craig McKenzie when I moved …

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Thriving in the Modern World

“……..the single most common source of leadership failure we’ve been able to identify……. is where people, especially those in positions of authority, treat adaptive challenges like technical problems.” (Heifetz and Linsky 2002) . “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and …

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Alumni Corner – Carmen Au Interview

Alumni Interview – Carmen Au   Why Transcend? When I first attended Transcend’s taster event on ICF Accreditation, I felt a connection with the people at Transcend – that’s the first impression I had. The one thing that attracted me to the Specialisation program is that I learned quite a bit about coaching previously and …

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To change or not to change is NOT the question

There are contexts where change is optional and we affirm that every change has an element of choice. However, in the current state of the world, “to change or not to change is NOT the question”. The new norm requires the cultivation of a way of being that is characterised by adaptive capacity. This is …

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