Team Coaching Supervision Is Not For You


Team coaching supervision is not for you, it’s for your clients.

If you have heard about coaching supervision and think “that’s not for me!” you are more right than you know. The ultimate benefactors of your commitment to being a reflective practitioner are your clients. In the context of team coaching that means the team leaders, the team members, and their organisations.

Your commitment to being fit for purpose is ultimately in service of your present and future clients.

Professional team coaching is a wonderfully complex profession that requires exceptional skill in multiple dimensions. In my own experience and development as a team coach, I have found supervision exceptionally useful as I transitioned into the role of a team coach. Some of the areas that I found exceptionally useful and unique to team coaching supervision are:

  • Letting go of individual coaching habits and ways of working,
  • creating a different relationship with my ego,
  • working as a team with a team coaching partner,
  • navigating the complexities of the agendas of the team leader, team members, and stakeholders and then,
  • just the sheer level of being switched on at a high level for hours on end.

Team coaching supervision is a safe place for exploration and reflection of what is happening with you, in you, in your team coaching partnership, and with your clients. In the crucible of team coaching supervision, you learn how you can be more skilful and professional so that your clients benefit.

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As I developed a vision for coaching supervision something emerged in my own experience of supervision. A simple statement that I am decidedly uncomfortable with: “I will hold you”… create a safe supportive learning challenging space in which it is appropriate to bring what is happening with you, with your clients and enter into it fully and completely with you.  I am not entirely comfortable with that. And, it does not matter because what supervision is ultimately about is a cascade of care that helps coaching clients to reap greater rewards from the team coaching process.

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