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Why Just Setting Goals Doesn't Cut It Anymore?

Learn how to create a powerful partnership with your clients in service of their goals

In an increasingly challenging landscape, it's crucial to go beyond traditional goal-setting methods and learn how to build a deeper, more energetic connection to desired outcomes.

Understand why traditional goal setting may not be sufficient for achieving desired results
Learn how to establish a stronger connection between your clients goals and their desired outcomes
Discover techniques to facilitate effective behavioural changes in your clients
Gain insight into what may get in your client’s way of achieving their goals – Aspirational Goals vs. Hidden Goals
Get expert tips on creating a truly collaborative partnership with your clients

Why Goals Are Not Enough

Learn how we can work with coaching clients to develop a much clearer and energetic connection to desired outcomes and the behavioural changes required to reach goals. Our unique process will empower coaches to effectively partner with their clients to get more of what they want, in the way they want and at the pace that is most appropriate.


Why Goals Are Not Enough

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Discover the Power of Effective Coaching with Our Webinar, Why Goals Are Not Enough

At Transcend International, we are committed to providing world-class coaching and training solutions. We specialise in helping individuals, teams, and organisations not just adapt but truly thrive amidst an ever-changing and increasingly challenging landscape. Our Certificate in Professional Coaching Programme is designed to equip you with essential coaching skills through a blend of proven methods, practical assignments, expert feedback, and transformational coaching. Our evidence-based approach utilises leading-edge multidisciplinary coaching frameworks and models, ensuring that our coaches have a solid grounding in a broad spectrum of essential coaching skills. Whether your interest lies in transformational, executive, performance or any other area of coaching, our programme provides the robust foundation you need.

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Tony Dickel



Tony believes that the role of a coach is to provide a coachee with the tools to become truly “self generative” and “self corrective” through

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Craig McKenzie


Managing Director, HEAD OF TEAM COACHING

Craig is committed to creating the conditions for successful enduring change for individuals and organisations.

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