Samuel Demarais on The Transformative Power of Coach Training Journey as a Business Coach

The Transformative Power of Coaching Training on My Journey as a Business Coach

The world is very competitive, and coaching has become more popular in the last few years. People are looking for coaches to help them to reach their goals. Samuel Demarais, General Manager of Impactified in Hong Kong, shares his insights on the transformative impact of coaching training received from Transcend International. With over 20 years of experience in audit, consulting, and finance, Samuel embarked on his coaching journey in 2018 and has since witnessed the profound effects of coaching in his life and career.


Transcend: Samuel, how has coaching training helped you find the right balance between coaching and mentoring?

Samuel: Coaching training has been instrumental in teaching me the importance of refraining from immediate advice-giving as a mentor. Instead, I have learned to focus on questioning, empowering clients to explore their thoughts and discover solutions within themselves. This shift fosters empowerment and self-discovery, creating a more effective coaching dynamic.


Transcend: How does coaching training enhance your ability to be a sounding board for your clients?

Samuel: Coaching training has equipped me with invaluable skills to actively listen and challenge clients’ thoughts. As business owners face challenges in expressing their ideas to others, providing a safe and non-judgmental space allows clients to freely express and challenge their own ideas, leading to greater growth and clarity.


Transcend: What is the most common point between life or executive coaching and business coaching?

Samuel: Goal-oriented approaches are a shared aspect of both life/executive coaching and business coaching. Clients want to get results by going through a transformation. Working with them to define clear objectives and develop strategies to achieve them is at the core of these coaching practices. Whether it’s enhancing leadership skills, improving business performance, or navigating organizational challenges, both coaching types strive to help clients achieve their desired outcomes.


Transcend: And what else?

Samuel: Accountability and support are critical components in both coaching types. Coaches hold clients accountable for their actions and commitments while providing guidance, feedback, and encouragement throughout their coaching journey. The training I received from Transcend International has been transformative, enabling me to strike the right balance between coaching and mentoring, ask powerful questions, and adapt to my clients’ evolving needs. It has empowered me to make a meaningful impact on the individuals and businesses I serve.


In conclusion, coaching training from Transcend International has greatly shaped Samuel Demarais’ journey as a business coach, enhancing his skills, mindset, and ability to create positive change. By finding the balance between coaching and mentoring, embracing active listening and powerful questioning, and promoting accountability and support, Samuel has witnessed the transformative power of coaching in both his own life and the lives of his clients.

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