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Self-Awareness, Resilience, Success, Leadership, Empathy, Performance, Productivity and Wellbeing… these are some of the important outcomes through developing competence in the area of Emotional Intelligence. Our suite of Emotional Intelligence grounded solutions are designed specifically to help people thrive in demanding “workscapes” characterised by pressure, overwhelm and distractions.



We proudly partner with Genos International who has spent the last decade perfecting a suite of Emotional Intelligence, Motivation, and Employee Engagement assessments and programs.

Genos EI assessments measure the emotionally intelligent workplace behaviors that underlie success. Designed specifically for development-oriented coaches and trainers, they are supported by a wealth of peer-reviewed research and are accompanied by beautiful reports containing practical development suggestions.

The Genos EI Certification Program will make you an expert in applying Emotional Intelligence in the workplace. Learn from experts who develop and apply emotional intelligence with Fortune 500 companies every day.

Learn to design and sell emotional intelligence solutions to clients; develop individuals’ and teams’ emotional intelligence by assessing and debriefing their assessment results, and provide practical tools and techniques for being more emotionally intelligent in the workplace; and design and deliver group emotional intelligence development sessions.


Genos International has been officially approved by the ICF as a business partner.  Click here to go to the ICF Global Site. 

ICF Members receive a 20% discount on Certification Program / 30% discount on end-user pricing of Genos Emotional Intelligence Assessments

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Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Executive Presence

Understanding executive presence is a dark art. People claim to know what it is when they see it - and can't tell you how they know. People that have it know it and own it - and have no idea how they got it. People who don't have it tend to think they have it. People who don't have it are often the people who judge if others have it or not. We are either in or out of the executive presence club. And it feels like a group of shadowy figures meet in secret and determined who has it and who doesn't and everyone else seems to know the results of their deliberations and no one ever seems to tell us. The Executive Presence game has high stakes. Careers, promotions and salaries hang in the balance. This can be terribly frustrating for people genuinely trying to develop it in themselves and for those who want to help others develop it. One of the ways I describe I do as a coach, supervisor and facilitator is: I help people with "it". Whatever "it" might happen to be and "it" can be a lot of things. In this article I will explore the "it" that is commonly known as Executive Presence in relation to Emotional Intelligence. I will give you ideas into how focusing on Emotional Intelligence will enable you to know how you can enhance, develop or change or even transform yourself into the the kind of person who is perceived as having executive presence. And beyond that, becoming someone who genuinely has it. For other articles and to find out more connect with our

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