Alumni Corner – Vicky Lee

Why did you choose Transcend?

When I decided to pursue my lifelong career in coaching, I decided to go through a formal coach-training earlier this year. With this in mind, I researched across the board to find a professional, holistic and practical coaching program for a new join. I eventually picked Transcend for it’s up-to-date in terms of coaching methodologies taught and practicality for there are a lot of interactive coaching practices and reflection sessions which effectively equipped the participants with framework to conduct effective coaching. Swiftly after finishing module 1 of the program, I was confident in the coaching skills and professional ethics that I learnt from Transcend and I started to develop my coaching practice in a professional manner.

Why professional coaching?

I have worked in the corporate world in management role for over 10 years in Greater China region. The one arena that I obsessed with is work motivation relating to organization development. After all, I genuinely believe that’s the development of human capital. I am fascinated in exploring hidden potentials for my working peers and friends, inspiring and supporting them to pursue genuine happiness at workplace or home as I believe every individual deserves for this. I had been looking for ways to empower people in the workplace for their career development, as well as work-life balance and ultimately found coaching is the approach that benefits most to the recipients. Being a professional coach, I am a partner of the clients, we are on equal footing and walk hand-in-hand to explore clients’ unexploited fields and empower them to believe in their innate ability to attain their goals. I would say only professional coaching can genuinely lead towards a transformation.

Why should someone interested in coach training enroll in our program?

Every time when friends came across me and asked for my recommendation, I always recommend Transcend, especially people would like to have more in-class practices and follow-up sessions. That’s what Transcend differentiates from others. I see the program very thoughtful and well designed. We do not only learn the one traditional approach but also other coaching methodologies that can integrate into different stages of coaching. I like the practicality aspect of this program as coaching skill can only be improved if you keep on practicing. It’s amazing that we can pick up the coaching skill right away after the first 2 sessions. The program was designed in a flexible way to help build us up steadily with massive reflective learning, which I like most.

What was your biggest learning on your coach-learning journey?

The biggest learning I would say is the actual listening and being totally present part. The key of a successful communication is not about talking, it’s listening, I emphasized it’s LISTENING not hearing. Being a coach, we need to be 100% present with our clients and mindful with what the clients talk about and the words/phrases they use/repeat. Only if we can capture the essence underneath that we can help exploring the unknown or blind spots hidden for them. I found this is a learning journey for my personal growth and very much impactful on my transformation as well. Now I learnt to be more mindful and keep self-reflecting a lot, this allows me to live in the present moment and see the reality.

What aspects / areas of change are you passionate in coaching?

I am passionate about actualizing clients’ strengths and potentials, and walking hand-in-hand with them in exploring their unknown and authentic selves. Seeing them gradually realize there are possibilities in living a better life, achieving something impossible, or going through attitudinal or behavioral changes by putting on a different pair of lens in seeing the world made me feel fascinated. I very often coach clients who would like to improve their self-confidence level, get a glimpse of their career path, or put in order how to develop a genuine relationship. As I have gone through a transformation journey myself, whenever I see clients start kicking off their journeys, I am fully touched and amazed in how powerful coaching can be to empower oneself to take the lead to walk out of their comfort zones.

What clients are you having success with?

Currently, 80% of my clients are on life & career coaching while 20% are for executive coaching. Among them, age ranges from 20-50, with a proportion of 60:40 between female and male. I wished in the coming year, the corporate sector or leaders can embrace the merits and practicality of life and career coaching as leaders are playing a crucial role in an corporation shaping the culture and working momentum for teams in the corporation.   The work-life balance issue is not addressed and result in undermined consequence in HK now. If leaders are passionate in unleashing staff’s strengths and cultivate a positive corporate culture, as well as taking up an empowering and inspiring attitude towards their teammates, I believe the HK working population will develop a more balanced lifestyle for themselves and their families.

Where do you see yourself in five years as a coach?

I would become a full-time professional coach and at least get my PCC by that time, meaning I have reached out a significant number of people and they experienced the merits of coaching for their personal growth. I wish I could take part in advocating to HK community the practicality of coaching in empowering oneself to increase their self-awareness and mindfulness in order to live out a positive and flourishing life. Definitely I would like to promote career coaching both to corporate and the education sectors, as it will be of benefits for undergraduates to more aware of themselves for planning their career. Besides, it would be ideal to have a portfolio of clients with diversity, not only Chinese, but also clients from different nationalities across the globe.   I wish to help more people in corporate world to live a flourishing life, be the authentic self and walk the talk. A contented workplace creates happy workforce, which also cheer up families and generate virtuous cycle impact on the society.

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