Internal Coaching Tips: Choose Your Mindset

To make the shift to a coaching style of leadership or even to utilise the skills of a coach in your role as a manager requires a significant mindset change. Before you can change it, you need to recognise that you have a choice. The mindset that you have is not your default setting. Your mindset is a complex collection of choices about how you think about yourself, others, your role, the organisation, work, intelligence, other people’s contributions, values, patterns, priorities, process emotions and how you think about thinking.

Your mindset shows up in every interaction, decision and response in your day. Coaches within organisations cultivate a mindset characterised by a belief that others are capable of learning and development. Each interaction is an opportunity to move closer to sustainable success for others, yourself and the organisation. Choosing this developmental mindset means letting go of other self or employee limiting mindsets.

Next time you have an opportunity to engage with someone you work with ask yourself a few questions:

  1. How am I thinking about this person?
  2. What do I need to do to shift to a developmental mindset?
  3. Am I willing to let go of a potentially limiting mindset and replace it with …?

Craig Mckenzie

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