Coaching Supervision Is Not For You

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If you have heard about coaching supervision and think “that’s not for me!” you are more right than you know. The ultimate benefactor of your commitment to being a reflective practitioner is your client. Coaching  supervision is not for you, it’s for your clients.

Your commitment to being fit for purpose is ultimately in service of your present and future clients.

Reflected with me on this scenario:
You are coaching someone and have an internal reaction to something your client is speaking about. Perhaps some of these questions and/or thoughts run through your mind: 

– Is it something?
– Is it important? 
– Is it you or them? 
– Is it in service of the client? 
– What do I do with these internal reactions that I seem to have?
– What is appropriate in coaching? 
– I know I could bring it up and don’t know how to do it skilfully
– I am not courageous enough 
– It’s not useful for them 

You will be present with these thoughts as you client continues. And it has an impact on the coaching relationship.

Coaching supervision is a safe place for exploration and reflection of what is happening with you, in you, and with your clients. In the crucible of coaching supervision you learn how you can be more skilful and professional so that your client’s benefit.

As I developed a vision for coaching supervision something emerged in my own experience of supervision. A simple statement that I am decidedly uncomfortable with: “I will hold you”… create a safe supportive learning challenging space in which it is appropriate to bring what is happening with you, with your clients and enter into it fully and completely with you.  I am not entirely comfortable with that. And, it does not matter because what supervision is ultimately about is a
cascade of care that helps the coaching client reap greater rewards from the coaching process.



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